Thursday, November 17, 2016

Daybook: 11.14.16

For Today, Monday, November 14th

Looking out my window I see frosted grass - today has been the coldest morning of the season so far, 31°.

I am thinking it is past time for me to get back to writing daybook posts. In October, (and part of November) every spare writing minute has been devoted to the #31Day writing challenge.  Now I'm free to join in with several of the writing communities where I like to participate.

It's good to be free!

I am thankful for uplifting music. Pandora is on nearly all day at the office. I enjoy it so much!

One of my favorite things: cocoa with whipped cream on top - it's almost time to enjoy such treats.

I am wearing an outfit I think resembles what an equestrienne might wear, except I have light gray jeggings instead of jodhpurs. Black riding boots, a black blazer, a red tunic and red and white infinity scarf complete the ensemble. Today is cool enough to wear my blazer inside the office all day.

I am hoping to have some organizing time in the office soon ... and also at my clothes closet!

I am learning to prioritize

In my kitchen, I have already prepped chicken thighs for Jerralea's Broiled BBQ Chicken. I love having half of my kitchen prep done before I come home from work!

Shared Quote

"Facebook is optional." Tad Mills (who attends my church)

A moment from my day

A photo from my trip to East Tennessee last month. Wish I was back there!

Closing Notes

It's taken three days to write this post. Can we say interruptions? But better late than never, I always think. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have an awesome week!


The daybook is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler. You can join in at her website, The Simple Woman's Daybook.


Anonymous said...

Glad you goterdone. Have fun organizing. Timely quote...

Linda Stoll said...

Hot cocoa takes the brrrr away, doesn't it, friend ...


Faith said...

love the FB quote..SO TRUE!! I'm thinking of doing a FB fast for the month of December.

I love organizing and having dinner prepped early, too!

Enjoy your day.

Karen said...

I guess I am cocoa is my nightly beverage of choice year round...the warm milk and luscious chocolate nearly always pave the way to a quick trip to dream if I can just figure out how to stay asleep during the night!

Uplifting music always cures what ails me and draws me closer into my Father's thankful I am able to hear and enjoy music and the voices of my loved ones!

jen said...

as beneficial as it was for me to do the #write31days challenge, i am SOOOOOO glad it's over!

Linda Ann Nickerson said...

Frosted grass? OH, my. We are buried in snow here.
I'm a Pandora addict too. It fuels my running!
Visiting from SWDB.
My SW Daybook – December 2016 edition