Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Family Table

Dinner with the family is an important sacred ritual, a legacy my Mother and Granny passed on to me. 

When I was growing up, we ate at the Family Table, every night. We all sat at the table and ate together and talked every night of our lives. There was no eating in front of the TV. I learned the importance of prioritizing family time by her priorities.

Of course, in the interest of truthfulness in blogging, the television was on when my dad was there. Because, the News was ON and we must listen, so that cut down on the talking. But once Walter Cronkite signed off, dad was always ready to visit and tell stories and sometimes I'd be sitting at that table listening for an hour or more.

Because there is nothing I like better than stories. I just wish I had written them down!

When my husband and I got married, we carried on the tradition of always sitting down together for our evening meal. Our first table, forever dubbed "the pretend table" because it was so small it really couldn't serve more than two, was the landing place for my first attempts at cooking. I found as long as I made sure dessert was included, my hubby was happy.

As our family grew, the family table was an important part of family life. Here is where we heard what happened at school - if we could get them to share - before we went our separate ways to tackle homework and evening chores.

Nowadays, our family is blessed in that we get together several nights a week and share a meal with our chickies who have left the nest, and with the newest hatch-lings, the grand-kids. 

There's just something about eating together; daily struggles and triumphs are shared, and the twins are always providing plenty of entertainment as they learn table manners. I feel like I would know my family a lot less if we never sat around a table together! 

Do you practice eating at the Family Table?

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betty said...

We do eat together every night and have the family over at least once a week. So important to do so.


Christine Malkemes said...

We're empty nesters but still find time to sit at the kitchen table. The dining area for guests, laundry, flowers and papers. Thanks for inviting me to your table. What a legacy you have flowing through the veins of your heart. You're not only a blessing - you are blessed. Thanks for hosting with me on The Loft. Best part of my week - hearing your voice there.

Anonymous said...

When the family is together we gather around the table...

Lora said...

When I was growing up, mealtime was special at our home. I remember my mom telling me when I got married that it would be a good ideal if we wouldn't watch tv during dinner! Our tv was in our basement growing up. How wonderful that you are continuing the tradition! When our children were younger, mealtime was very important. As empty nesters, it does not always happen. I have many good memories around the table.

Crystal Twaddell said...

Family dinner has also always been a priority in our family, and it has so many amazing benefits. Makes my heart overflow when I know I'm going to have everyone around the table.