Sunday, October 23, 2016


As my readers know, I've been participating in the 31 Day Challenge. Yesterday's word was "off," so I gave myself permission to take the day off.

I've been "catching up" from being on vacation, along with dealing with technology troubles, so Saturday should have been one of those begin-at-8 a.m-and-work-to-midnight kind of days.

And it was.

However, there were two twinsies that needed their PaPa and MiMi. Mom had to work, so we had the blessing of taking them to the park and then to the Play Place at McDonald's. We needed to "fwing" (swing), answer a million questions, slurp tea and lick "hice-keem" (ice cream) cones.

So I took the afternoon off and my post on the word "off" didn't get written until today.

Sorry, but not really ...


This post is part of my 31Day series (please read below), but I'm also sharing it at the #SmallWonder linkup. Because sometimes you need to take time off to observe the wonder.

The Journey is our way Home. There is nothing more important than making that final destination. Jesus paid my ticket there, but I have to walk it out. In October, I will be observing the things that happen while traveling the Journey and writing a daily post about my observations.

Because I like to stretch myself, I will also do a challenge within a challenge - 31 days of 5 minute free writes. I will take a topic and run with it, writing furiously for 5 minutes, tailoring it to relate to my theme of examining life along the Journey.

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betty said...

Time spent with family is always worth it.


Monica said...

So glad you got to take the day and be with those cutie pies! :)

Linda Stoll said...

Ah ... when all is said and done, you chose well.

Love this gentle reminder to focus on what matters most, friend ...

Kathy/Holy Vacation Queen said...

those free writes are such a good practice, wish I had it in me to do more of those..I will when I give myself time off from longer blogs! this simple reflection... nothing like spending time with little darling ones! visiting from next door at #smallwonders