Friday, September 23, 2016

Wrapping the Week Up With Praise

It's Friday, lovely Friday!

I like to end the week with praising God for the good things. I've not been able to make the time the last couple of weeks to do so in a post, and that makes me sad. Because there is always, always, always something I can find to give God praise. I do make sure to praise Him in my prayer time everyday, but I want to write about His goodness as well, hoping to encourage others with His goodness to me. He is not partial to anyone, so His gifts are for all who would want to be His child.

1. I don't think I had shared about my mom, sister and brother-in-law's visit. For the first time in years and years, my Mom was actually here on her birthday and we were able to celebrate together. We went to Lambert's, a restaurant famous for "throwed rolls". We had a wonderful time and discovered the awesome fact that Brody is in love with fried okra!

Mom Looking Good at 81!

2. While the family was here we made connections with extended family and visited with them at restaurants. (My kind of gathering - I love to eat out! No dishes!)

3. Our ladies went out last Saturday to a quaint boutique / tea room and had lunch together. I enjoyed it so much! I found a cute animal print scarf that also has shades of blue in it, so it went home with me. I've been dreaming about the jewelry I saw there, and a certain hounds-tooth print bag ... I think a return trip might be in order.

4. I just want to say, although we are having high temps still, the air is beginning to feel fabulous! Mornings are cooler, and next week the forecast says highs will be 79-81. Yay!

5. Quote of the week:

How do we rest from adulting? We remember that we are children in God’s capable hands. -Shelly Miller, Rhythms of Rest.

Don't forget her fabulous book comes out NEXT week!

A couple of bonuses:

We are learning this song on our worship team. Of course, we won't sound like this video, but I'm thinking it will be good. I'm ending my week listening to this:

We finished up James 3 at my last teaching session Wednesday night. James is so hard core, I'm always hoping that people are willing to listen. Things went well (as least from my perspective). Now, it's on to James 4.

I've finished up the Annual Church Profile so things are easier at work currently. I'm thankful - it gives my brain breathing room.

I'm anticipating some time at the lake tomorrow. Here in the Midwest, there won't be too many more good weekends to be out and about. I'm hoping to take advantage of the beautiful Saturday forecast for us.

I will need a little R and R, because I'm gearing up for the 31 day Challenge come October 1.

And so wraps up recent weeks on the Journey. What about you? Are you enjoying and savoring this one beautiful life you've been given? I'd love to hear all about it!

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see your mom. She is looking good! A belated happy birthday to her. Glad you had some fun times celebrating together.
I enjoyed reading your praises.
Have a good weekend.

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! And, it was great that you spent her birthday with her.
It sounds like you had a super busy week with all your family around.
I love finishing a project too--glad you got your church profile done.
Enjoy your weekend and day at the lake!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful Lady! I too enjoy those get togethers!:) You can spend your time visiting and not cleaning up the mess.
Yes, we are enjoying these cooler evenings here in the Midwest. The days have been kind of sticky but I don't think we will have too many more of these days.
I have been thinking about the upcoming months. More November and December but trying to plan out some posts. I always love to give thanks in the month of November (even though I try to be thankful every day in all things!)
So glad to hear your James study goes well. It is a difficult one as it steps on many toes. It's a convicting read for sure!
Hope you enjoy our lovely weekend!

betty said...

You mom looks so very beautiful! Glad you were able to spend her special day with her!


Anonymous said...

What is your subject for the 31 day challenge? I still haven't decided if I am doing it (leaning towards yes) and what topic (I have about 3 in mind).

How wonderful that you were able to be with your mom on her special day. She looks great! That's what I like about eating out, too - no prep and clean-up.

Faith said...

What is the 31 day challenge???

Your mom looks so happy...congrats to her on another birthday celebrated.

and how awesome to have all those eating times out!!

I love that song...and that quote is AWESOME!!

Happy weekend

Susanne said...

How lovely that you had you mom and sis visiting and getting to celebrate your mom's bday with her. The boutique tea room sounds fun.