Friday, July 8, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up and a F.F.F.

Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful week. I know I did!

Stay-cation weeks are always fun - unless you get hung up on the fact your plans did not come to fruition ... which is what happened on my last stay-cation.

This time around, I decided not to be so hard on myself. It's been a lot more fun.

One way to make a stay-cation week more enjoyable - or any week, for that matter - is to focus on the good things in your life. We bloggers who participate in Susanne's Friday's Fave Five link-up already know that counting at least 5 blessings in your past week makes going into the weekend with the right frame of mind.

So, no more delay, here's my 5:

1. Just having time off really made my week. I'm so grateful to work for a church that offers 4 weeks off after working 10 years for them. I'm so glad I stayed long enough to enjoy it, and I have no plans to leave such an opportunity.

2. No stay-cation would be complete without a trip to the lake. This time, we got in 2 visits in one day.

Arrowhead Lake
(Sorry, I can NOT get the picture of the second lake, Rend Lake,  to load ... look for my daybook on Monday for this picture.)

3. No week is complete without time with the twins. Here is Brody being silly. That boy makes me smile as much as his PaPa does!

4. While I was off, I did a little rearranging of one of my cabinets (funny how things like that excite me) and also packed away some wintry clothes and got out my capris ... About time! I got out some of my old tops and was excited to find this year they fit looser. I made another milestone in my weight loss journey this week, 20 total pounds lost. I've much more to meet my goal but it suddenly now seems do-able. I owe it all to FitBit - or I should say, I owe it to my daughters' example of using FitBit.

5. Today is my honey's birthday which always makes it a good day. We are celebrating with the girls next week but I still want to make mention of him and praise him for being such a good husband!  Whenever he does something good, and I thank him for it, he always says, "Tell everybody you see." I get tickled thinking of going into the office the next day and telling Pastor Mike, or one of the library ladies, "Hey, did you know my husband is awesome?" Maybe one day I'll really do it, but for now, I will tell you guys, "My husband is awesome!"

The internet is being goofy and it's taken me all morning to load these pictures, so I'll have to post one of my hubby after the celebration.

How did your week go? I'd love to know! Leave a comment, or consider linking at Susanne's place.


Barbara H. said...

Wow, how generous of your church! Sounds like you had a lovely week, with a stay-cation, time with the grandkids, a trip to the lake, and getting some organizing done. Happy birthday to your awesome hubby! :-)

Linda Stoll said...

20 pounds! Wow! You just might be my inspiration, friend!

Congrats on being light on your feet ... and joyful in your heart ...

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Losing 20 pounds is amazing. Well done. Happy birthday to your dear husband.

Michele Morin said...

So much good news!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to your Awesome Husband! And congrats on the 20 pounds. That is something to celebrate! This is a great list. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Jerralea.

Ann said...

CONGRATS on 20 pounds. I was at 18 1/2, then gained back a little. So I've been stuck at 16 for a long time. Right now it seems very hard to get back on the wagon. Blessings to you!!!

betty said...

Happy belated birthday to your hubby. He seems like a great guy! Congrats to you for your continued weight loss, that is awesome!

Sounds like you had a nice week off from work too!


Anonymous said...

Congrats for meeting a milestone in your weightloss goals -- sounds like your family are encouraging you. How terrific that you get to enjoy 4 weeks off! I had achieved that and then left for another job, but getting to work from home is aaaalmost as good as having another week. Happy birthday to your dear husband!

Susanne said...

So wonderful that your church recognizes the importance of letting their employees rest and renew with that time off. Visits to body's of water are good for the soul! Your grandson is so cute! I can't believe they are so grown up looking. Seems like just yesterday you were posting about their birth! I'll bet they are so much fun this summer! Happy belated bday to your hubby!

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!
And yes, visits to 'water' are wonderful and refreshing.
I'm glad you enjoyed your stay-vacation--those restful days are indeed important.

Wendy said...

Happy birthday to your hubby and well done on the weightloss. I have a fitbit but it's not working very hard at the moment. I need to up my game. The photo of the lake is beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed your staycation.