Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ever Get Anything Free?

Liss and I was at a yard sale a couple years ago.  It was a big yard sale in someone's garage with everything artfully laid out. The seller also had a bunch of Avon products for sale that was unmarked so a lot of people were asking prices. I was inspecting a cute set of fall vases when a lady came to the sale bringing with her a handicapped girl.

The girl went right to the unmarked table and picked up one thing after the other asking how much?  Finally she made her way to a table that had some little knick-knacks. When asked the price the kind and patient seller said, "Oh those things are free.  I didn't know what to charge so I decided I would give them away."

"Free?" the girl questioned loudly.

"Yes, free.  Take what you want."

The girl excitedly spread her arms wide, her face to the heavens and shouted "Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee." She did it a couple more times and then said to the lady who had brought her to the sale, "She said I could have anything off this table I wanted. It's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

Liss and I looked at each other, I quietly set my vase down, and in one mind and one accord, we quickly walked to our car, jumped in and sped off, laughing uproariously once we were safely inside.

Anytime we want a chuckle, we just say "freeeeeee," to each other.

The last time I thought about this, I felt the Lord say quietly in my spirit.  "You should be excited about the things you've been given freely like she was over yard sale treasures."

So true!  Think about it, why don't we yell "Freeeeeeeeee," when we have been forgiven? When we are given eternal life, shouldn't we get excited and let everyone know? When we realize we don't have to carry the burden of our sin any longer, shouldn't we shout our freedom to the rooftops?

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36 English Standard Version (ESV)

I once was bound by sin, but now freedom from sin runs through my veins. I'm reminded of the song "This is How it Feels to Be Free" by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

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If you've ever been a prisoner and set free, you can relate!

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Yvette Lewis said...

Yes! Love the story and the reminder to delight fully in our freedom in Christ!

Tammy Provins said...

I Love the story and the reminder to never lose our excitement! Jesus died so we could be free, oh we should be shouting that every day or several times a day!

Leah Adams said...

I fear that I take my freeeeeeee-dom for granted all too often. Thanks for the reminder about the freeeeeeeee gift we have been given.

Christine Malkemes said...

Freeeeeeeeeee! Okay. So I jumped up from the computer and yelled it. My dogs got excited and barking to see what was happening. It was so much fun and "freeing." LOL. My husband didn't move a muscle (he's used to my craziness).

Guess what? It felt good.....I mean really good. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm freeeeeeee! Yippee!

Faith said...

Special needs children do get so fun that must have been to witness her joy in "freeeeeeee". LOVE it. And thanks for the awesome reminder that we in Christ are free indeed!!!!

Susanne said...

Thought the story sounded familiar. Enjoyed it just as much the second time 'round!

betty said...

What a cute story and a great reminder we should be very thankful and grateful that we are Freeeeee :)


Lora said...

What a wonder-full story!!! Freeeeeeeee!!! Happy Independence Day!

Crystal Twaddell said...

Such a cute story but a powerful and impactful message!