Monday, June 6, 2016

Daybook: 06.06.16

For Today, the first Monday in June

Looking out my window I see a beautiful clear sunny day. After last week's rains, it is a most welcome sight.

I am thinking about the twins' birthday, today. I cannot believe how quickly age 2 came. They are looking so ... grown ... and I rejoice in their growth but feel a teensy bit sadness their babyhood is over.

I am thankful to have been involved in their lives this past year.

One of my favorite things is M&Ms. I have to allow room for 1/8 cup of them a day in my calorie count or I just can't do this losing weight thing.

I am wearing a peach shirt with an olive green cardi and jeans. My recent yard-sale find of  a necklace and earrings with stones in shades of green completes the outfit.

I am creating a legacy. May it be a pleasing one.

I am reading "FerVent" by Priscilla Shirer. A friend and I are doing studying the book together.

I am hoping to see revival. We need it so badly. However, I'm of the opinion that it first has to start in our own lives.

I am learning just how resistant to change people are! May I ever be flexible, teachable, and willing to change.

In my kitchen are the makings for a birthday dinner that will include grilled hot dogs, deviled eggs, baked beans and a new recipe, Hawaiian Macaroni Salad. Thursday is Malia's birthday and she has requested an old recipe from her childhood, Garlic Cheese Chicken.  I can't find anything like it online, so in my spare time (!) I will type it up for you. It uses that wonderful staple, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. (Well, it uses the cheese packet.)

Shared Quote:

"Don't treat someone exactly as they treated you. Take the 'high road'." (from a sermon given by Rev. Kim Ferguson)

A moment from my day looks like this with these two:

Closing Notes: I'm struck anew by the beauty of the Word. Read James 1 and see if it doesn't minister to your soul ... and challenge you.


Do you have plans for this week? Feel free to share!

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betty said...

Happy birthday to the twins, hard to believe they are 2 years old!


Monica said...

Yes, it is wonderful to see the sun after so much rain! Hope you have a very exciting birthday party! I know you will love that Hawaiian Macaroni salad. I have a recipe for it but I add celery and shredded carrots, apple wood bacon on top. I'll be posting my recipe next Monday.
James 1... I don't even have to turn to that chapter to remember it. It was a very convicting read. One that I probably need to revisit... that tongue... :( There are so many great lessons (reminders) in this short chapter.
My diet allows me 2 dark chocolate hershy kisses with 1/2 cup of strawberries for a snack. mmmm, this diet is pretty easy.
Hope you enjoy this beautiful week! Take care!

Karen said...

It IS hard to believe the twins are already two, and hard to let go of babyhood. They are beautiful.

Two of my favorite things -- M&Ms and a good garage sale find:) I love your comment about leaving a legacy. I think about that often, something that is so important to me at this stage of my life.

Enjoy your week, Jerralea!

Anonymous said...

Yippee for the twins 2nd birthday! It's amazing how time flies with little ones. Hope your week is going well!