Monday, May 2, 2016

What We learned in April

What We Learned in April

My regular blogging schedule reflects who I am
Last month, I was busily planning and writing the A-Z Challenge and decided to skip participating in all regular memes. I was trying to protect my energies and sanity because I had so much going on; but, what I learned in April is my regular blogging schedule reflects who I am. Something is just not right when I'm not journaling or writing about gratitude or stretching myself by writing to prompts.

So, in May, it will be back to doing what I love.

Was the A-Z Challenge worth it?
I'm still asking myself that question. Does the pressure of having to have something every day add to my life or not? Are the results worth it? I have to admit to some disappointment when viewing statistics. However, I don't write for statistics. My goal is to plant seeds. Sometimes those seeds have to lie dormant a long time before anything comes of them.

What I love about the A-Z is the stretching myself process of having to write every day (except Sundays) and fitting my theme to the letter of the day. In that respect, it was totally worth it. And ultimately what counts is the personal satisfaction. Hey, when I started this writing gig back in May 2008, I wondered if I could sustain it.  Surely I'd run out of stuff to write. NO, not by half! It makes me feel good to know creativity is still there. In fact, I feel I just have tapped the surface.

It's so easy for me to be obsessive ...
On March 22, I was gifted with the Zip Fitbit. April was my first full month to use it. I'd never in my life before tracked steps OR calories. It's been quite eye-opening. Writers and ministry assistants don't get a lot of steps in during their day. Just sayin'. 

I still don't have my schedule right ...
In April, I experienced much difficulty getting everything done. I finally have help with the PowerPoints at church so that is a big relief. However, I was mistaken in thinking if I could just get rid of that, I'd have more time. Still pondering the changes that should be made ...

I'd forgotten how much I love azaleas, old homes and buildings and churches!
Towards the end of April, Jim and I finally got to go a short road trip. We went to Charleston, MO, a place known for azaleas and dogwood trees. We missed the festival by about two weeks, but there were still many decorated homes to see. And I found out there really is a place called Tywappity, MO! (Yeah, it's farmland.)

I discovered my artistic side under-developed! We had a Ladies' Paint Party at the church. I was hoping to discover great talent but all I found was the ability to draw squiggles ... However, we had a great time visiting with each other. For me, it's always about the fellowship.

April 2016

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Lisa notes... said...

I totally get what you’re questioning about writing your A-Z posts. That’s how I feel when I do the 31 Days series each October. Is it worth it? To me? To anyone else? Ultimately, I believe the answer it yes because like you said, God takes the seeds and plants them where he wishes, whether we see it or not. Looks like you have a wonderful April!

Anonymous said...

My artistic side is lacking for sure but I can appreciate others who have artistic talent. My talents are more in the practical realm...

Angie said...

I've got a totally obsessive personality. I have to be very careful not to get carried away.
I'm in the same boat when it comes to my artistic side, I'm totally lacking!

betty said...

Glad you took the road trip, looked pretty. I always wonder about the A to Z challenge, but every year I find good blogs to follow after the challenge. It is time consuming though. Your grands are looking so grown up!


Monica said...

I always enjoy your A-Z challenges but I understand the pressure to have something written every single day...Sometimes it becomes more of a burden than anything else.

Obsession... yes, right now my husband and I are obsessed with working out. If we miss a day we, like somethings not right. Crazy how quickly obsession happens.

I've unloaded somethings at work and finally feel balanced only to be given something else to do...BLAH! Work has been crazy for me lately as well.

We will be taking some road trips on the motorcycle this year. Memorial weekend we will be riding down to Hot Springs AR. We've never been there, I can't wait! We love old towns with great architecture.

Your twins are getting so big! Seems like yesterday we were waiting for them to come! :)

Great visiting you this morning! Hope your week goes well!

Michele Morin said...

I stand in awe of all that you accomplish! Thanks for sharing your heart in this space!