Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up and F.F.F

Whoosh! Did you hear the sound of that week flying by? It was a stay-cation week for me, so of course, it felt like it didn't last very long.

I feel some things finally gelled in my mind this week and we will get to those later, but first, a Friday's tradition must be done. On Fridays for, oh I don't know, like 269 WEEKS, I've been counting the highlights of my week. That is 1,345 blessings I wrote down. How many blessings got away from me?  An un-counted blessing is a sad thing. Let's not let that happen!

You can count, and share, yours too. You can link-up how God showed up in your life at the site of our lovely hostess, Susanne, runs at Living to Tell the Story. You will enjoy this community.

1.Time with these two: lots of fun time this week with Brody and Baylee. Our daughter had to work almost each day of the week so we had them every day. Lots of snuggles, singing, book-reading and tired bones (for me) at the end of every day. Here they are looking out of the window and watching PaPa work on the car.

They look so big!

2. Time at the Lake - we only had one day to go, unless we get to squeeze in a short trip Saturday afternoon, but we had a good time and saw some lovely scenery. We smelled some awesome honeysuckle, too. It was everywhere!

I got in 10,575 steps that day. I've only managed to do 10,000 steps twice ... and both times were at a lake. Don't you think that means I need to go more often?

3. Time with the FitBit paying off. As of today, 12 lbs. lost! Slow but sure wins the race - that's my mantra right now.

4. Time to think. So important. I don't get near enough time to think. Do you? Probably what I should say, I don't make enough time for quiet and reflection. And when I do get time, it's "verra verra" difficult
 to actually make my mind be quiet.

5. Time to worship - this Sunday was an awesome time for meeting with God. Yes, we had a good lesson and good preaching, but the altar time was the capstone to a good day, or dare I say, a good week.

In my Daybook post, I said I was going to wrap-up my weird week with some things I've observed:

  • My week was weird because it was almost totally unproductive and I don't like that. I did get one major project 95% done but I'm not used to not having a big long list of things to show for my time.
  • I know it sounds crazy, but I cannot accomplish anything if I don't look my best. During my stay-cation, I tried to go some days without makeup and styling my hair but I found I feel miserable "slouching around." The truth is I have to be "ready for business," to accomplish anything worthwhile. My best thoughts come when I look my best. Perhaps other writers can relate?
  • Long to-do lists not only don't work, they paralyze me. This was quite the shocker, because my readers know I adore to-do lists. Halfway through my week, when I realized how lousy things were going in the accomplishment department, I remembered something Linda Stoll said in my Daybook comments. She followed Josh Becker's advice in only having 3 things on a to-do list at a time. It freed her up. (I'm definitely going to have to check out Josh Becker.) So, each day I put down 4 things (I'm a rebel) and it went better.
  • I have unrealistic expectations. This should not be a surprise to me, but I have it brought home to me quite often nonetheless.

I've got more observations to share, but as my Pastor says, they need to "marinate" in my mind and spirit a little more. Maybe they will be ready by the time I do my What I Learned in May post.

And so ends another week on the Journey. I'm interested in YOU - how did your week go? Please share - I'd love to know!


Anonymous said...

With so much loveliness within easy reach, it's no wonder you had a staycation! And looks like it coincided well with having the twins over. Such a precious shot of them at the window together.

Anonymous said...

How fun to have the grandkids over so much this week! (That may have something to do with not getting much done...:-) )

Congratulations on 12 lbs. lost! My weight loss has been stuck for a while, though I am still exercising. I need to cut back in some areas.

I can relate to finding to-do lists helpful, but getting overwhelmed if they are too lengthy. Sometimes I divide them into "must do today" and then have a couple of other options if I get those done.

Anonymous said...

Way to go with losing 12 pounds! Woohoo! Sweet photo of the twins! What a blessing that you are close enough to see them grow. Hope your weekend goes well.

betty said...

I like the thought of writing down 3 to do things on a list; achievable without being overwhelming. I know before we moved, I broke down projects for packing. Today I'll do this part of the kitchen, etc. It really helped just to focus on getting that little bit done.

Great with your efforts to continue healthy lifestyle and the results paying off :)

Hard to imagine the twins will be 2 years old soon!


Faith said...

how wonderful that you lost 12 lbs!!! yay for fitbits! i wear mine all the time unless Im charging it at night. I love how it records our sleep too!

those grandchildren of your are sure getting big! so cute at the window.

i love to do lists but typically only list 5 things for a weekend day and 3 for during the work week. i used to have very long lists when the girls were little and then the Lord convicted me i was more focused on material things/keeping a perfect house than on making memories and embracing moments. so.....ive changed!!! never more than 5 things on a list! 😀 life. .is.short.

great faves! happy weekend.

Karen said...

The photo of the twins is just precious:) Great news about your fitbit! I've heard so many good things about them, encouraging activity and being a good motivation. Good to hear it's been successful for you. Loved your thoughts about list-making. I tend to get caught up in making lists and then feel overwhelmed by them. You have given me some food for thought.

Angie said...

I'm with you on long to do lists...they literally make me so unproductive!

Willow said...

I have been reading Joshua Becker's blog for years. He has lots of wisdom in his posts and in his books. Last week I read his post about three items on your to do list and followed that. It does make me more productive. And like you, I have to be dressed and ready for my day, or else I just putter around getting nothing done.
Best parts of your stay-cation? Twins and that walking around the lake!

Susanne said...

Getting in your exercise in steps at a lake is really a blessing. I love walking around lakes. I was actually going to mention the Josh Becker hint but ya beat me to it. I too love looking at crossed off items on my to do list but it just might be better to look at a shorter list that has everything crossed off. I'll have to give that method a try. The twins are sure growing! Wow.