Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

Today, Jim and I made a round visiting the graveyards in our area where some of our relatives were laid to rest. We can only celebrate the legacies they left us because of the legacy left by the American soldier. Thank you to all who served, and all who waited for their military person to come home. I salute you.

Thanks, also, to our son-in-law, Daniel, and to Janae for the sacrifices they make for him to be in the military. We love you!


Linda Stoll said...

Celebrating lives well-lived, well-given. Yes and amen to honoring those who've served ... and those who love them.

Anonymous said...

Send our thanks along for Daniel's service and your daughter's support of him.

betty said...

I salute them all too! All definitely need our respect for their faithful service and our gratitude for those who gave it all.