Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter: The most wonderful time of the year!

There's a song called "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," written by Eddie Pola and George Wyle, and sung by Andy Williams, which tells all about the joys of the Christmas season. I've always liked the song - I was a big fan of Andy Williams - with its happy and cheerful melody and easy-to-sing along lyrics. Click here to hear the song on You-Tube.

However, instead of Christmas, I feel Easter is the most wonderful time of year and doesn't get the credit it deserves. After all, if Easter had never happened, Christmas wouldn't mean as much. 

I love Easter because it comes in the Spring, when the world is chock-full of new beginnings. Plant life bursts forth in its own kind of resurrection after a season of looking dead and brown. The days are longer and the sun is brighter.

Spring is also the time of year when the animals have their young. The new year is in its infancy and the world seems full of possibilities.

The Ultimate New Beginning

I think it is fitting that Easter is in the spring because Easter is the ultimate new beginning. It's the beginning of the new covenant. Jesus offered His life as a sacrifice for our sins once and for all.

No more animal sacrifices. No more going to a priest for absolution of sin. The veil that separated the Most Holy place from man was torn (from top to bottom - only God could do that!) and man now has free access to approach the throne at any time.

After the crucifixion, after the veil was torn, another crucial and vital event happened to complete the work Jesus came to do - He rose from the dead and took the keys of death, hell and the grave from satan.

And then what did He do? He went to the throne room of God where He is to this day making intercession for us.

Because He is the only one who knows what we feel - He experienced every temptation and came out victorious. 

Doesn't it make you want to shout for joy? Yes! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

This post was written in response to this week's prompt "Easter" at the Loft, a community of Christian bloggers. Go here to find links to posts by some awesome bloggers!


Anonymous said...

Easter is my favorite, too! What a wonderful Savior!

betty said...

Amen!!! So true with all you wrote here!!!


Leah Adams said...

Easter is my favorite holiday...followed closely by Thanksgiving. To consider all that Jesus did for me brings me to my knees. I'm so grateful and so blessed. Thank you for linking this beautiful post at The Loft.

Michele Morin said...

So wonderful to be reminded of all that is ours - because of Easter!