Tuesday, February 16, 2016

5 Steps of Cancer Prevention

Have you ever lost someone to cancer?

I have. Two of my dear loved ones passed away after battling lung cancer. I cannot tell you how devastating these losses were to my family. We lost our people before their time. Hardly a day goes by that we don't think of them and wish they were still with us.

Years ago, people didn't know how smoking and second-hand smoke contributes to cancer.

We know now.

What if there were some steps we could take now to prevent ourselves or our families from getting sick with such a dreaded disease? I promise you that if you have ever had to witness a loved one dying prematurely; and you knew a way to keep that from happening, you'd move heaven and earth to do so.

February is National Cancer Prevention Month, and I've been asked to share some simple do-able first steps in the fight against cancer.

For most of us, these steps are really easy and simple. (Okay, 30 minutes of exercise is NOT easy for me, but I can start with baby-steps.) For those fighting addictions to smoking and alcohol, it might prove more of a challenge, but it is so worth it! It could just save your life - or the life of someone you love (in the case of second-hand smoke).

As time has went on, more research has revealed other causes of cancer. For instance, a relatively rare cancer, Mesothelioma, has been determined to be caused largely by exposure to asbestos.

If you, or someone you love, worked in these industries: shipyard workers, electricians, plumbers, construction industry workers, pipefitters, boilermakers, or had heavy exposure to dangerous airborne asbestos fibers you might want to be tested. You can go here to find out more information.

It's been said that knowledge is power. When you know something you can do that might make a big difference in the quality of your life down the road, why wouldn't you want to do it?


betty said...

I do agree to keep informed and to make the changes necessary in one's health and the environment in which they live. I learned something new this weekend while at the inspection for the house we were going to buy, but those popcorn types of ceilings, there is asbestos in some of that from the 1970s. So the recommendation from the inspector was to obviously scrape off the popcorn or seal it over with paint. We would have done one or the other if we had chosen to keep pursing that house.


Anonymous said...

Dear's father died from lung cancer and we now have a very good friend who is suffering with it, too. It's tough to watch...

Denise said...

great steps.

Faith said...

eating no red meat...or MUCH less is also a great preventative as well as eating more foods with fiber and whole grains ( to avoid colon cancer) and to limit or cut out bacon, cold cuts that are filled with nitrates and other chemicals, looking for non GMO foods, eating organic veggies and fruits and eating hormone, antibiotic free chicken and eggs. avoidng all sodas. drink lots of water!!!!!