Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The First "To-Do Tuesday" of 2016

It's been kind of quiet on the Journey the past couple weeks. Quiet here, but not in my every day life.

Oh, no, there's been quite a bunch of stuff going on. I will be writing more this week on the challenges I experienced in the last couple of weeks.

But that was then, and today is now. Today is To-Do Tuesday!

As a lover of fresh starts and new beginnings, I embrace this beautiful blank space of a to-do list just waiting to be filled in.

This is the time of year that ordinarily I whip myself up into a frenzy with all manner of organizational projects. I grow giddy with excitement thinking of colorful labels, fresh calendars and new binders to be organized.

However, in 2016, I've determined to rest, to go at a slower pace, to be intentional about not trying to do it all at once. (See how cleverly I wove in both 2015's and 2016's One Word into one sentence?)

So, I thought to myself, what is the one thing I wish most to accomplish in the next seven days?

Just like Tori, our To Do Tuesday hostess, I want to be consistent about writing out scripture each day. Here it is, January 5th, and I haven't started. By next Tuesday, I want to say I'm caught up!

And if a label or two gets made in the coming week, so much the better!

How about you? Do you have a goal for next week?


betty said...

I like the thought of being intentional and always good to write out and meditate on scripture. I am purposefully going through the gospels slowly this time that I am reading them and thinking about different things there; doing word studies like on anger, repentance, etc., opening up a lot of good things I hadn't thought of before or taken the time to study.

My goal for the week is simple, trying to keep warm, LOL. We are due for cooler temps and snow; needing a little more warmth here :)


Tori Leslie said...

I think having such a simple to-do list us very wise and what a better place to start then with God's Word.

ellen b. said...

Scripture writing is a good to do...
I'm just cleaning up and getting some things sorted out.
I have to go to the Social Security office tomorrow...oye...that's always an adventure!