Friday, December 11, 2015

F.F.F. - 12.11.15

Happy Friday! Hope you are doing well in the midst of this busy season. I just read a post that slices through to the heart of the Christmas season and I'm sharing it here with you as my #1 highlight of the week.

1. Prepare Him Room at Desiring God. You. Must. Read. It.

2. My own favorite post of the season, "Unwrapping Christmas." It was fun to relive a memory and get an object lesson out of it, too. (And I'm pretty sure it's not a memory I've shared before ... because who likes to admit wrong-doing?)

3. Online shopping - It has rocked my world and made life so so so much easier!

4. Soup season - I've been making soup once a week since the weather turned cool. I'm about to bump it up to twice a week. I love all the recipes for soup I've been discovering on Pinterest! Maybe after Christmas I will do a list of 10 Favorite Soups.

5. Quote of the Week:  

"When we realize we already have everything we need in Jesus, it's not about grabbing but abiding. Abiding. There's a reason we are called human beings not human doings. We abide and we be. We, resting with Jesus, makes two of us the minute we begin to follow him" - Jefferson Bethke, "It's Not What You Think."
Abiding ... still wrestling with that ...

And so ends another week on the Journey. How did YOUR week go? I'd love to know! Share in the comments, or consider linking up with the wonderful Friday's Fave Five community at Susanne's space, Living to Tell the Story.


ellen b. said...

We've done more online shopping this year than usual. It does cut out the stress of finding a parking spot in the rain! We've had too many bowl meals this week. We keep running out of bowls. Tonight is a plate meal...
have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes please, on the soup recipes. I have been making a pumpkin soup which is easy and tasty, but I could use some other ideas.

I adore online shopping, too. That is how I do all birthday shopping - right from everyone's amazon wish list!

Prepare Him Room - yes, I want to do that today! Thanks for sharing that post (and your memory post, too.)

Have a great week.

Susanne said...

I'm a soup fan from way back!! Just yesterday I made hubby a huge pot of turkey soup (thank you frozen thanksgiving bird carcass!) and we'll be enjoying it for a couple of days! I'm a new online shopper this year. I'm trying not to get too hooked to it in the fear that it will continue all year long! :/ Off to read that post!

Faith said...

I love homemade soups in the autumn and winter months...sometimes even into spring....YES post some recipes!!

I did a bit of online shopping as well but mainly, this year, I shopped more at local, privately owned stores rather than chain stores. It was great! MUCH better deals, too!!

Abide in Him...good stuff there!! and now I"m off to visit that post by Desiring God...i love that website! thanks for sharing

Willow said...

Homemade soup! I'll be making some again this week. What's your favorite? I love minestrone soup and lentil soup.
I will go back and read the Desiring God article.
I think every child at some point has peeked at the presents (and spoiled the surprise). You're right though that we always felt guilty for being sneaky (as well we should).
I have one present to order online and then I think I'll be done!

betty said...

Yum on the soup; good thing to make this time of year to warm up with :) I like online shopping too; especially since a lot of the places are offering free shipping, can't beat that!


Lisa notes... said...

I’m all about online shopping too! Makes life so much easier. I rarely buy clothes online though (in case they don’t fit), but I even crossed that barrier last night and bought a shirt for Jeff (shhhh). Which leaves me more time today NOT having to go a store. ha.

Love the Jefferson Bethke quote. May I do more abiding today, and being, and less doing.

Denise said...

thanks for sharing.