Monday, December 7, 2015

Daybook: 12.07.15

For Today... Monday, December 7th

Outside my window... a cool bright day.

I am thinking... of what I read over at Peggy's blog, The Simple Woman's Blog. She feels blogging is dead because of so little response in the form of comments in the recent month (although her blog does generate thousands of page views a month).

I understand how she feels. It can be discouraging to write your heart out and get so little feedback. Should a blogger be content with page views?

It's funny this would come up today because I felt impressed by the Lord during some prayer time this weekend that I should make an effort to encourage my fellow bloggers by dropping by their sites everyday and making a point of commenting. I already do try to comment but I am going to be more diligent.

We need everyone's story. I know I can't do it all, but if everyone would take just a minute to leave feedback, think how encouraged the blogging community would be. 

I am thankful...for bloggers. I love reading the different perspectives and sharing life with other bloggers. I have learned so much and been uplifted by so many great bloggers whether it is seeing the crafty ideas and recipes they share, learning organizational tips or family advice, or hearing about their Christian walk.

I'm especially thankful for those who host link-ups and provide a platform for me to share my writing.

I am wearing... a black and teal houndstooth tunic and black jeggings and boots.

I am creating... a list of bloggers to encourage.

I am reading... Jefferson Bethke's "It's Not What You Think." This comes highly recommended by my adult daughter.

In my kitchen... there if beef stew in the crockpot for tonight's dinner! Yum!

A favorite quote for today...

"You don't think Jesus is your everything - until you have nothing but Jesus." - Ann Voskamp, writing in the forward of Jefferson Bethke's book, "It's Not What You Think."

A peek into one of my days... something I look at every day ... the bookshelves in my home office:

One of my favorite things... animal prints! (I guess you could guess that ...)


The daybook is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler. You can link up your own daybook at her site, "The Simple Woman's Daybook."


Paula Kaye said...

I certainly do NOT think blogging is dead!! I have a faithful following at my blog. I blog about my life and things that interest me. It is a kind of diary for my family in the years ahead. I think the most important part of blogging is to reach out to other bloggers. Even though I love Peggy's Simple Woman Blog forum I never felt like she reached out to others. Maybe that is why there weren't very many comments. I loved visiting you today. Your quote is spot on!! And those bookshelves are very nice and organized. Have a nice week!

betty said...

That is a great quote!! So true too! I have noticed comments have dropped off on a lot of peoples' blogs, I just wonder if it is that time of year with so much other activities going around. I love beef stew cooked in the crockpot!


ellen b. said...

I get the same thing trying to get people to respond to simple emails with questions attached. I think people think if they've read soemthing they've already responded. OYE...
When I go to family and extended gatherings people will come up to me and talk about reading my blog but they never leave a comment. :)
It's helpful to have a log of what has happened over the year and that's something my blog provides for me...

Monica said...

I have been so busy lately that I can only get my favorite blogs read from my phone. Commenting on my phone is too difficult. BUT, I'm always hanging around. I will try to do better too at getting around to comment. I'm happy with the few I get because I understand how busy life is.
Love your office shelves!
Not a truer quote either! Have a great day!