Friday, November 20, 2015

F.F.F. - 11.20.15

It's Friday, lovely Friday!

1. I love me a beautiful sky. The Master Artist does such a fine job. I wanted to capture these lavender and blue clouds for you but my picture does not do it justice.

2, No question about it, fall is fleeting. The leaves are falling faster than you can believe. There's been this beautiful yellow-leaved tree I've been passing on my way to work. I've been meaning to stop and snap a pic of it; but, alas! I've waited too long. Today, she looks skeletal with just a few wispy yellow leaves waving in the wind.

But at least, I did catch this beauty:

3. This week was a mix of happiness and sadness. We are so excited with the change of atmosphere at our church and our lovely visitors, a couple of which have decided to keep coming to worship with us. Yet, we are sad because we had to say good-bye to Pete, one of our church family members who is now worshiping in heavenly realms. The great thing is we know we will see him again.

4. I finished up Glory Days by Max Lucado this week. I cannot say enough good about it. I love reading that inspires! I've now started on The Case for Grace by Lee Strobel and already I'm crushing on the testimonies I've read so far. You need both these books!

5.  Quote of the week:  

"This is your inheritance: more victory than defeat, more joy than sadness, more hope than despair." Glory Days, page 181 - Max Lucado

And so ends another week on the Journey. I pray your Journey is filled with more victory, joy, and hope.

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Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! That tree is magnificent. I love the red! Seems like we have more yellow color around here.
I'm sorry about the passing of your friend. I know he'll be celebrating Thanksgiving in heaven, while being with you too.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

The fall colors here didn't seem to stay very long - I think wind and rain knocked the leaves off a little early. But I was glad for it while it lasted.

What a gorgeous sky!

I'm so happy there is such an upbeat atmosphere at your church! There are always such mixed emotions when a believer passes on to heaven: joy that they're Home, free from sin and pain and sorrow, but missing them sorely. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that we will see them again.

Sandi said...

"This is your inheritance: more victory than defeat, more joy than sadness, more hope than despair."

I love this!

Beautiful photos too.

Faith said...

love your pics....lhow did you get the different shapes?? so sorrymto hear of yourmchurch friend but glory to God he was a Believer and you will see him again!! such hope when we know Christ. enjoymyour weekend.c

Anonymous said...

What an excellent post!!! I'm sorry for the loss of your friend this week, but you will see him again! Praise the LORD! I LOVE clouds and yours here is beautiful!!! hugs~

betty said...

It is always comforting when we lose a loved one here on earth to know that we will spend eternity with them :)


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, beautiful skies are such an extravagance, aren't they? Imagine what they'll look like on the New Earth!

So good that you are feeling positive about the changes at church, even with losses and new friends. I love that we have confidence we will see our loved ones; they are not lost forever!

Denise said...

such beauty

Lisa notes... said...

Fall does go by so quickly, yes. :( We traveled northward last week, and it was good to see some trees still dressed in their lovely autumn leaves. But fewer and fewer.

Sorry for the loss of Pete in your church family. Never easy to lose someone, but yes, so wonderful to know you’ll see him again.

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving this week, Jerralea!

Susanne said...

I love the trees and sunsets of fall. Sorry to hear of the loss of your congregation member. But what a great hope we have in Jesus of seeing each other again one day.