Wednesday, October 21, 2015

31 Days of Life Stories #21

Yesterday, I shared about my first job as a housekeeper/babysitter. I thought I'd share about my subsequent job adventures.

The high school I went to back in the 70s was called a comprehensive school in that it meant vocational as well as academic subjects were taught. Basically the classes were split into two courses of study, one if you were planning on going to college, the other if you were interested in going to work as soon as you graduated.

The area I chose was business. It seems funny now that studying business was not considered on track for college! The school had a program called Cooperative Business Education. In the mornings, you went to school and studied business-related courses and then in the afternoons you were dismissed to go to work. The school helped us find business-related jobs.

My first business job was typing tax returns at May's Tax Service. One of my close friends got a job there, too. We started during tax season and rode the bus after school to the little town where May's was located. I did not like it very much. For one thing, I had learned to type on a new IBM Selectric typewriter. At May's, we had vintage old black manual typewriters. (What I wouldn't give for one now!) My typewriter at school had correct-type. At May's we had typewriter erasers and carbon paper. Needless to say, when tax season ended, I breathed a sigh of relief.

May's was kind of a get-your-feet wet experience. Then the school helped us set up interviews at area businesses for entry-level positions. I chose to apply at the County Clerk's office at the courthouse and I got the job! I loved it there and stayed even after I finished high school. In fact, I have no doubt that had I remained in Florida, I'd be working there until this day.

When I moved to Illinois and got married, my experience at the Clerk's office in Florida helped me to get hired at the County Clerk's office in the county where I now lived.

At both Clerk's offices I did payroll and accounts payable, but in the office in Illinois, marriage licenses were issued. I personally did not do them much, but on occasion, I did issue them.

Life went a different direction for me and I did not stay at the Clerk's office. I subsequently worked for a dentist, a lawyer, and a banker before settling in as a ministry assistant at the church.

Now almost 35 years later, I watched with great interest as a Kentucky Clerk decided to stand on her principles and defy the courts by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. I know people have a lot of opinions on whether or not she should have done as she did. I personally feel proud of her that she chose to stand by her convictions. In today's world, standing up for what you believe is right can be a rare occurrence. 

I do hope I would stand up against popular opinion if my job ever required me to do something against what I believed was the will of God. There are worse things than going to jail!

What about you? Do you think your job would ever require you to do something against your principles? Would you stand up or just quit?

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Denise said...

I would stand up. you have to stand for something, or you will fall for anything.

betty said...

You have had a variety of work positions :) I too chose the business route in high school, but we didn't have the choices you did for getting out there to get that work experience. After graduation, I took a 3 month medical reception course and ended up in the medical field where I have stayed all my working life :) I don't think my present job would put me in a situation where I would have to make a choice to stand up for something, but if it did, I would definitely stand up and speak out against it even if it cost me my job. Hubby works in purchasing at the hospital and sometimes has been asked to do less than honest things. He has always been able to not do that and come up with a better solution but I have told him if he ever gets into a situation where he can't and they insist on him doing something unethical to quit on the spot. You got to have integrity and honor I do believe.


Tori Leslie said...

I love reading your stories. I can just imagine you typing on that old, black typewriter.
Our job is constantly demanding decisions from us and I'm just thankful that we have a friend in the Holy Spirit that walks with us and helps us make right decisions when we listen to Him.