Friday, September 25, 2015

Living Hope

Welcome back to my series on 1 Peter 1. I'm posting a day late because ... well, STAY-CATION! If you'd like to first get caught up on the previous posts, see Temporarily Here and Chosen to Be Set Apart.

1 Peter 1:3-5   LIVING HOPE

  • Peter gives praise, as should we, for the living hope our salvation has given us.
  • The reason we have this hope is first and foremost because of God's mercy for us and then because of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead.
  • The word translated for hope, according to Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries, is elpis, which means "(to anticipate, usually with pleasure); expectation (abstract or concrete) or confidence: - faith, hope."
  • Our living hope is that we are a new creation that has inherited a Home in heaven that can never be destroyed, spoil, and it lasts forever. It's reserved in heaven for us!
  • But the best part? God guards us through His power so that we will endure until the coming of Jesus (or until we go home to heaven, whichever comes first). We have to have faith, but He helps us.

Because of the resurrection I can confidently hope, so I should live expectantly, obediently and set apart, for this world is not my home.

See you next week!


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betty said...

It is such a comforting thought to realize that this place is not our permanent home :)


Tori Leslie said...

Love it! Blessed hope for sure! Enjoyed your study.

Denise said...

really like this