Friday, September 11, 2015

F.F.F. - 09.11.15

Fridays have been so extraordinarily busy lately that I've been having trouble getting my Friday's Fave Five posts done every week.

This won't do.  F.F.F. is important to me because it helps me keep track of the good things in my life. Try looking for 5 blessings, or highlights, in your week every week.  It is definitely a spirit-lifting exercise.

1.  Spending time with the twins:  Jim and I watched the twins last Friday so that their mom could have a night out with friends.  I always enjoy keeping them!

They climbed into this box and PaPa pushed them in it for what seemed like hours. Who needs fancy toys!

2.  Sunday, we celebrated Janae's birthday.  She chose Applebees for her birthday dinner and later we gathered at my house for birthday trifle (her choice instead of cake this year.) I always love when the family gets together. We will be so glad when Daniel is back from deployment and can share in our celebrations.


Liss and Janae

Birthday Trifle

3. On Labor Day, we went to a celebration in Advance, MO, with our good friends, Wayne and Glenda Mayberry. We saw the gospel group, Jeff and Sheri Easter, there. Jeff and Sheri are definitely one of our favorites!  The sun was so bright, it was hard to get a good photo of them ... so I'm doing you a favor and not sharing it.

4. Later that day, Jim and I went to see the movie, "War Room."  You guys!  I can't stress enough what an impact that movie had on me. I firmly believe that every believer needs to see it.  I'm sure you will see me write more about this movie as time goes on.

5. This week I had some fun with posting Jerralea's Journey: How It All Began and starting a new bible study on 1st Peter, Temporarily Here.  I enjoyed finishing up my Gideon study so much last week I decided to keep on sharing.

And that winds up my week on the Journey.  How did YOUR week go?  I'd love to know! Leave a comment below, or link up your own F.F.F. post at Susanne's space, Living to Tell the Story.



Tori Leslie said...

Those are some seriously cute kids! Happy birthday wishes to Janae! I've heard so much about War Room, gonna see it as soon as it's available here. I can usually find movies online after a while.
Loved reading your FFF, and you're right, it's a great exercise to remember our blessings.

Denise said...

wonderful five.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good things here on Friday! Those twins are so darn cute. Boxes make the best toys! I do want to see that movie. Thanks for reminding me. Have a wonderful weekend.

betty said...

I have heard about the movie and the impact it is making on those that see it. Might have to put it on our list to do for the weekend. Yum on that dessert! Looks delicious!


Anonymous said...

The twins are so cute! We're looking forward to baby-sitting our grandson tomorrow. He loves boxes and tissue paper from gift bags, too.

I've heard great things about War Room. Glad you got to see it!

Sounds like you had some wonderful get-togethers this week.

Faith said...

great list of faves! Those babies sure are getting big! time flies.....I hope you havea wonderful weekend!

Simply Linda said...

Thank you for sharing....thanks for the smiles. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Trifle? I was first exposed to it when we lived in England for about 5 years and I absolutely love trifle. What a great idea for a "birthday" cake. How fun to celebrate all together. That sure makes birthdays special.

Oh, how adorable your twins are! And what fun grandpa was to push them around in a box! I had time with my grand baby this past week as well. It is so fun to look around my home and now have it imbued with memories of her (first time) here.

I enjoyed your Gideon series and am taking to heart this - "Impossible situations don't scare God! Let's see how God delivers in an unusual way." I have several "impossible" situations and your study reminded me of a God who is BIGGER. Thanks.

Susanne said...

I love trifle and would love that for my birthday! Happy birthday to your daughter.

Kids love the simplest things.


Hi Jerralea, lovely photos you have shared.
Great lists of favourite things.
Blessings to you

Karen said...

I loved your 'how it all began post.' It really got me thinking about the reason I started blogging and why I still do. I may have to do my own post one of these days. The dessert looks delicious. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! I always enjoy seeing family photos, so thanks for the ones of your girls and grands!
It was a busy week, and weekend too. My sister and BIL were in for a wedding, but we spent quite a bit of time with them too. It's my birthday today, so we went out for breakfast and will see my Dad tonight. Lots of blessings!
It's always a pleasure to see you here!

Willow said...

I'll go read your 'how it all began' post. Looking forward to it.
Your sil is deployed? Email me! I've been through it three times with sons and son in laws!
Those twins are just soooo cute. I almost had to go get an insulin shot! Cuteness sweetness overload :)

Jamie Miles said...

My trainer was just saying today that she wants to see War Room. I remember seeing Priscilla Shirer a few years ago with Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. We had never heard of her before; all we knew was that she was Tony Evans daughter. She was so captivating. We all laughed how we all wanted to be her best friend. And the twins are growing. So very cute. I know that is so much fun.