Thursday, August 6, 2015

Impulsive, much?

In most cases, it is thought to be a bad thing if you are a creature of impulse.  

It is thought to be a good thing to "think before you speak."  I concur. Blurting out a current thought could get you into a world of trouble, such as committing yourself to doing something you said you would do without stopping to count the cost. Or perhaps rattling off a thought impulsively ends up hurting someone you love.

Doing something impulsively can also be dangerous physically. In the midst of an argument, rushing out blindly just to get away from the source of your pain might be the cause of a collision - whether you are driving or not!

Then, there is the topic of impulse buying, which is dangerous to your wallet. I could spend all day talking about this one. Suffice to say, always count the cost before heading to checkout.

Can impulse also be a good thing?

Yes! For example, a child needs rescuing from an on-coming car.  No time to stop and think, you've got to swoop in and grab him before it's too late.

Or ... you meet the man of your dreams and you are married barely seven months later.

Love at first sight can definitely be an impulse. It can be a good thing as I can testify 39 years later after saying I do to a boy I met on vacation.

As a rule, though, I think impulse lands you more often in the hot seat than in the arms of your soul mate.

What do you think? Should a person act on their impulses?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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betty said...

Such a cute picture of your marriage :) I do agree sometimes acting impulsively can end up not working well, but sometimes in the matter of the heart, acting impulsively is a good thing indeed!


Mama Kat said...

I tend to agree with you. Ultimately, giving pause and putting thought into what you want to do or say will more than likely lead you into less trouble then acting impulsively. Love your wedding pic!!