Friday, June 19, 2015

F.F.F. - 06.19.15

I was out of commission last week but wanted to be sure to participate in Friday's Fave Five this week. Doing so is an excellent way to reflect and be grateful for the blessings in our lives that happen week to week.

Since I missed last week, I'm combining two weeks of praise:

1. Family celebrations:  The twins turned one on the 6th and our babygirl, Malia, turned 22 on the 9th. I'm so blessed and happy that we all live within a 50 mile radius and are able to get together for these special days.  Thank you, Jesus, for these precious additions to our family!

Love that smile!

Enjoying Cake Much?

2.  Reserve of sick days:  I can accumulate up to 30 days of sick leave.  I'm between 3 and 4 weeks, so it was nice to take off a couple days when I had an epic sinus headache that. Would. Not. Quit.

3.  A hubby who is willing to go get pizza for me when I could not open my eyes to cook.

4.  It's hard to find, but I'm crushing on Maxwell House Iced Latte Mix in French Vanilla.


I've been buying 2 boxes at a time whenever I can find it. It. Is. So. Good!

5. Quote of the week:  (You knew I had to do it!)

We’re thirsty for this kind of love. For Abba to sweep us up and hold us close to his chest. For the sound of his voice in our hair telling us over and over, “You are my beloved,” and for the unhurried way of a child, leaning on her Father.Emily Wieringa 

Bonus:  I love Pandora Radio - so great to listen to as I work.

Double Bonus:  I love crockpots - so great to have dinner almost done when I walk in the door.

And so ends another week on the Journey.  How did your week go?  I would love to hear all about it. Leave a comment, or join us in linking up a post at the lovely Susanne's space, Living to Tell the Story.


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of crockpots, too! Glad you were able to take some time off when you had your monster headache. It's especially nice not to have to cook those days.

Happy birthday to your daughter and grandkids! It's wonderful you love close enough to get together for those occasions.

betty said...

That is good that you have the sick leave that you had, sorry you had to use a bit for the headache though because it sounded like a bad one!! Neat to have all family so close by!


Jazzmin said...

Congratulations on the birthdays in your family!! How exciting to have your grandbabies turn one and your youngest daughter have her 22nd birthday. We are very close in age :)

Oh, Crockpots really are so wonderful.. Whoever invented them is brilliant and I'm sure is someone women everywhere want to thank for allowing dinner to be cooked and done when you walk in the door!

I am so sorry to hear you were feeling so badly and am very glad you are feeling better.

Hoping your week has been a wonderful one.
Blessings and hugs,

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jerralea - congratulations on Malia reaching 22 - bet she's pleased! And those twins ... way to go ... cake everywhere ... Glad you're feeling easier now - take care - Hilary

Joyful said...

Good to see you Jerralea! I'm out catching up on blog reading this morning! I love 1st birthday parties. They are so fun! 22? Did you just want to cry? Our oldest turned 23 in Feb. and I just can't believe I am old enough to have a "child" that old! :) LOL!
our baby will be 17 in July...{{sigh}}
Sorry to hear you have had a bad head ache! THose sinus ones don't go away with tylenol or IBU.
Thankful for a caring husband! That's awesome. Listening to the ladies at work it seems they are a rare thing!
Hope you have a great weekend with an Iced coffee! :)

Dianna said...

Hard to believe that the twins are 1 already! It looks as if they were enjoying the celebration! :) Your daughter's birthday is the same day as one of my brothers.

I am so sorry that you were down with the horrible sinus headache. I hope that you are feeling totally well again.

Susanne said...

Sorry you had such a headache but I'm glad you were able to take time off to deal with it. Beautiful girl and adorable babes. Happy birthday to them all. I can't believe it's a year already.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jerri! I can hardly believe those twins are a year old. They are adorable demolishing their cakes ;-)

Isn't it so nice to find a product you like? Hard not to hoard....