Thursday, May 21, 2015

Time Out!

With babies in my life again, the idea of a timeout needs to be more closely examined.

Who am I kidding?  Not just babies, but a lot of things need to be given a timeout.  Let them sit quietly for awhile out of the limelight ... and if possible examine the errors of their ways.

Since I'm a lister, and nothing makes me happier than writing a list, here are 10, just 10 of many, pet peeves I wish I could send to timeout.

1.  Saggy drawers:  Please, fellas, belt it up.  No one wants to see what color your boxers are. Especially, no one wants to see your butt crack. Letting your pants settle around your thighs does not make you look fashionable, it makes you look like you are incapable of dressing yourself. 

2. Leggings as pants:  Okay, ladies, I'm an equal opportunity picker-on-er.  Ladies who wear leggings with short tops are exposing every bump, jiggle and cellulite to the world.  Those things are never a pretty sight for anyone.  Twiggy might be the only one who could get away with such a wardrobe choice. (For those who don't know, Twiggy was an anorexic-looking model in the 60's. Or maybe it was the 70's.) Leggings are meant to be worn with tunics. A tunic is a long top that covers the entire derriere.

3.  Hillary Clinton:  I'm sorry, Hillary, but until Benghazi is explained, and you show some sincere remorse about the whole debacle, I'm not listening to you. 

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4.  People who go to Walmart dressed like they just got out of bed. Have some respect for yourself, people! Or at least respect those who have to look at you.  And don't think no one will notice - everybody you ever knew will show up at Walmart if you look like a disaster.  If you look all cute, then, of course, you will see no one you know. It's like a law or something.

5.  I live near a state highway.  People who drive by with their music so loud that it makes it out of their car and down the hill into my living room drowning out MY music tick me off. Mark my words, you'll be deaf someday.

6.  Also, people who leave their music on so loud your car windows are shaking while you are pumping gas need to be sent to timeout. You are forcing me to listen to something I would never choose.

(Boy, this feels good to vent!)

7.  Manufacturers who sell you a furniture item in a box that will take at least a day of your life to put together. There should be a special timeout for you!

8.  Folks who have a crying baby with them while shopping.  I realize that sometimes you can't help it, but when they crying goes on and on and loud enough to wake the dead, just grab the basic need and head for checkout.  The baby obviously needs a diaper change, food, or comforting. You can't do that shopping. Now is not the time to comparison shop or try on clothes. If it is an older child, tell them in a patient voice, "Stop or we are going home." If they don't stop, put everything down, and immediately walk out the store and go home. You will only have to do that once or twice to get the point across.

9.  Cat pictures on Facebook:  While I appreciate a funny cat picture as much as anybody, one or two a month should be the rule. Same thing for dog pictures. :)

10. People who block aisles in Walmart visiting with their friends. It's true Walmart is the place to see people you haven't seen in years, but please, find a place where there is little activity and visit there. Please don't park yourself where everyone needs to go!

I see I have a lot of angst concerning Walmart and shopping ...

What would you like put in timeout?

Mama’s Losin’ It

This post was written in response to Writer's Workshop prompt # 6. List 10 people, places, or things you’d like to give a timeout to. Would you like to join in the fun? Visit Kat Bouska's blog, Mama's Losin' It, to link up.


Lux G. said...

I can feel your frustration. And I agree to all these. Like, really. Why is common sense and common courtesy so uncommon nowadays?

Rose Marie B said...

Agree, agree, agree! This post is spot on for me and those aisle blockers...don't ya wanna just bump them with your cart sometimes? I know I do. LOL

Joyful said...

I agree with every. single. one! :)
HOpe you have a beautiful Memorial Weekend!

betty said...

So cute to read; good to get things off your chest like this :) I remember one year for A/Z I did "P-Pet Peaves" and that was good to list those :)

So agree about Hiliary Clinton.

So agree about Wal-Mart too, LOL, I don't know why people block the aisles, visiting or not. Hard to maneuver in that store, but I have to say, I signed up for their SavingsCatcher thingy they have and since October have saved close to $50 on prices they found cheaper at other stores. And all I have to do is enter my receipt after shopping. Win-win situation. I'm going to see how much I save in a year and then convert it to a gift card and use it for Christmas shopping :)


Mama Kat said...

We were at a park the other day and some people nearby decided to pull up and have a picnic. They pulled their car right up next to us, opened all their doors and blasted some sort of Spanish music. It was so rude. If you want to have a party and blast music, stay home and throw one. How rude to subject the entire park to your blasting music.

Whew...that does feel good to rant!

Faith said...

LOL i LOVE this. I REFUSE to do business with Walmart. CANNOT STAND THEM AS A COMPANY! UGH!!!!!!!! there. I'm done with MY vent. and all of your other ones just cracked me up too and I totally agree with the one about leggings, loud music out car windows, baggy pants (although around here in the northeast that is typically only done now by the gangster type teens in the inner city, thank God the suburban kids are more into the whole hipster skinny jeans thing)...and I DESPISE FB pics of cats and dogs and crying babies. in fact, FB bugs me more and's so pointless most of the time. I use it just to keep in touch with far away friends and family. i loved this! You are awesome1