Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday's Faves - 05.22.15

Can it really be another Friday?  Where did the time go? ... which is why it is good to stop on Fridays and reflect on the past week. You won't remember much if you don't!

Here is a few of the highlights of my past week:

1. Soft peppermints - I forgot how much I love them. I bought a bag this week.

2. Colombian coffee:  Pastor had brought some in a few weeks back and I really liked the taste of it. I bought a different brand this week and found out their "Colombian Peaks" is really good. I actually drank two cups one day. I usually never totally finish my first cup so this meant I really liked it. In fact ... hold on, while I go make me another cup ...

3.  Bubba cup:  I broke down and spent the $10 (TEN DOLLARS) to buy me an insulated double wall Bubba cup that actually fits in my cup holder of our SUV. (My beloved blueberry van had an adjustable cup holder ...).  Anyway, I love it and it does keep my drink cool for a long time. Bonus points that it is actually cute and is my favorite color of aqua.

4. New pic of Baylee:  I love this picture of Baylee, she is in her favorite place, right by her mother's feet.

And, just because I don't think I've ever shared this pic of the twins before:

It cracks me up!

5. Quote of the week:

"Home is a sacred place, not to be taken lightly.  "
Joanna Gaines

And so ends another week on the Journey. I'm looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend. It's one of my favorite times because of having a day off, grilling our holiday meal, and it is still spring and not hot yet!

How was YOUR week? Leave a comment and share, or link up your own post at Susanne's place, Living to Tell the Story.


betty said...

Those two babes are so adorable!! Won't be long before they are a year old!


Anonymous said...

Love the quote and those two little grands are a treat!

Joyful said...

Oh my goodness how sweet is that! I love to see happy little babies! :) Thanks for sharing these moments! Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures of those grandbabies!

I so agree about home.

Anonymous said...

Fun fun! I love that happy contented smile on Baylee!

I agree that a good cup of coffee is worth having a second ;-) How nice you've found a good one!

Willow said...

Those twins! Double cuteness!
Coffee and I are best friends--we spend a lot of cups together :)
Love that quote! It's so true!

Susanne said...

Oh that last picture is so fun. I've heard of those water bottles or cups. I'll have to check them out because I like my water cold. Finding a great cup of coffee is a pleasure!