Monday, May 4, 2015

Daybook for the first Monday in May

I'm pleased to once again join those who keep daybooks. If you are interested in numbering your days, I suggest joining Peggy at her blog, The Simple Woman's Blog, and posting your own daybook.

For Today... May 4, 2015

Outside my window...sunlight and springy weather.

I am thinking...would it stir up trouble on Facebook if I made a post that said something like this:  "Are you a rebel? A non-conformist? Someone who stands out in a crowd? Then dare to be different and live a pure life for Christ." #loveGodwithallyourstrength #loveyourneighborasyouself

I am thankful... for the beautiful world God has made. We visited an azalea farm this weekend and saw the glories of beautiful flowers. I'm so glad He has made such a variety!

I am wearing... white capris, white, teal, orange and black top with white sandals.

I am reading... "Heaven Help Heidi" by Sally John. (It's very good!)

In my kitchen... Jerralea's Broiled BBQ Chicken for tonight. I'm also making up Salads in a Jar for the rest of this week's lunches.

A favorite quote for today...

Here’s the truth: you are more than what you do. You are, after all, a human being and not a human doing, as the cliche goes. - Kevin Kaiser

A peek into one of my days... it's hard to chose which photo from our recent trip to the azalea farm to share with you. I'm sure you'll see others in days to come.

One of my favorite things... an afternoon unplugged, outdoors viewing God's handiwork. I get a fresh perspective every time.

From the board room... I'm going to be trying copycat Lipton Onion Soup Mix soon. I'm out right now, so now is the perfect time to whip up a batch.

Copycat Lipton Onion Soup Mix - Raining Hot Coupons
Raining Hot Coupons

Post Script - I'm late sharing this with you. It's a post from Holy Week by Ann Voskamp. But really, it is good to read it anytime.


Paula Kaye said...

A beautiful picture of the azalea. I loved your quote!

Jodi said...

What a beautiful Azalea tree!! Have a great week!

Lora Branam said...

I had a wonderful visit at your daybook this week ! I love your quote you chose this week and hope you won't mind me sharing it on my FB! Lovely azaleas . I sure wish mine looked like that ! They have always been a little on the puny side. But I tend towards being a fend for yourself gardener ... so there ya go I guess ! LOL
Have a great week !

betty said...

Such pretty flowers!! Not sure about the Facebook post :) I tend to only skim through things people post, so not sure if in your group of friends it would cause trouble :)


Jessy Gaffen said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog Our Side of the Mountain! My first time posting for the Daybook! FYI...We use the Square Foot Gardening method with some tweaks. How did your salad-in-a-jars work?

Ellie said...

Hi!! Oh my goodness, an azalea farm, how gorgeous! You know what, my experience with posting things like that on Facebook is that some Christian friends will comment that they love it, some will like it because they don't want to be found out or they are busy, and others will ignore it. But I also think it is GOOD to stir things up and make people think! Just my 2 cents! I have many , many mason jars here, I love the salad in a jar idea. it is also so much cheaper and healthier to make your own mixes, isn't it? Have a wonderful week!

SouthMainMuse said...

Your white outfit sounds like you are in a summer mood. I love it. And I'm rereading Joyce Meyer's book "Never Give Up." She refers to being a eagle in life. How an eagle soars, but is often alone not like the chickens in the yard. Sometime we have to risk shaking things/going it alone up to be a leader. xo