Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for Twenty Garlic Chicken ... and Today

I recently discovered a recipe I love.  It is so yummy, I've made it like 4 times in the last couple months.  It is Betty Crocker's Slow-Cooker Twenty Garlic Chicken.

As always, I made this recipe my own by substituting boneless skinless thighs for a cut-up frying chicken and doubling the amount of the rub you are to brush on the chicken.  You can see Betty's whole recipe here. Last time I made this dish, I served it with homemade macaroni and cheese and green beans, but my favorite way to eat Twenty Garlic Chicken is to have it with my Salad in a Jar. It's like a party in my mouth!

Having enough Twenty Garlic Chicken to use with my Salads in a Jar take some planning and some thinking about tomorrow. But there are some things you should not put off doing until tomorrow.

Some things should be done today.

Don't put off forgiving or telling someone how much they mean to you for you may never have another opportunity.

There are no guarantees.

Don't put off making things right with your Maker.

We work together with God, and we beg you to make good use of God’s kindness to you. In the Scriptures God says,“When the time came,    I listened to you,and when you needed help,    I came to save you.”That time has come. This is the day for you to be saved.2 Corinthians 6:1-2 CEV

T is for Twenty Garlic Chicken ... and Today is another post from my series, Feasting Body and Soul from A-Z.  I believe family dinner is important and I also believe food for the soul is just as important. Join me each day as I explore feeding both.

During April, I’m participating in the A-Z Challenge.  Over  eight hundred writers (as of last count) will be posting in various categories. Visit here to see a list of all the fantastic bloggers – a veritable smorgasbord of entries to feast upon!


  1. Oh I bet that does smell yummy while it's cooking away! Love that translation of the verse!

  2. So true about not what to put off for tomorrow but to take care of today. That chicken does sound delicious!


  3. Hi Jerralea! Love that 'party in my mouth' line! So cute! Your plate photo is so colorful too, such healthy food. Good for you! You encourage us all to rethink our meals, and eat together.
    I agree with the family table. It's an important time to communicate, and laugh :)

  4. Too bad I just finished supper. That looks delicious! (And all I had was a Hardee's hamburger and fries--so unhealthy. Sigh.)

  5. That is similar to my 40 clove chicken. Hmmm, haven't made that for awhile and this sounds super easy with the boneless chicken thighs. I may make this for supper. Love your thoughts on not putting certain things off!


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