Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Testimonial Tuesday # 7

Welcome to Testimonial Tuesday where we share stories of answered prayer .... 

Your stories are important; and,

big or small, 
  We want to hear them all.

Make that, we NEED to hear them all.

Today, I want to share a testimony of provision.  In Jesus' sermon on the Mount, He tells us not worry about basic needs. God knows what they are and He takes care of sparrows and lilies of the field. We are so much more important to Him!

I'm here to tell you that in our 39 years of marriage we have always had food on the table, the utilities paid and the mortgage paid. We've experienced illness and job loss; yet, God provided each and every time.

When Jim's illness progressed to the point he would no longer be able to hold a job, I don't mind telling you I was scared. My part-time job would not support us and our three girls.

The Lord blessed us by sending enough work that my hours were increased at my job, but it still wasn't enough.

We applied for Jim's disability but felt discouraged because so many we knew had applied and were denied. It seemed to take forever for a claim to be settled but we had hungry mouths to feed and growing girls to clothe NOW. We prayed and asked the Lord to please let our claim be approved the first time it was submitted.

And, it was! To us, it was a long 5 months before the first check came, but I know of so many who had to wait much longer.

Pure grace. 

I am so grateful. Would I rather have my husband healed? Yes, a thousand times yes! I'm still praying for healing, but while I wait, I can be confident that He will provide.

Now it's your turn. What has God done for you lately?

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betty said...

It is neat to read of other's stories about how God has provided. He truly has here too! Never hungry, never without a roof over our head, etc., even in my youth, growing up, being raised by a widow with 3 young children; God always provided!


Tori Leslie said...

Jerralea, what a great testimony of an awesome God! Wow, He's keeps His Word and takes care of His own. I feel sorry for those who do not know how good God is. Lovely read!!

Faith said...

Jehovah Jirah....God our provider!! AMEN! thanks for sharing this and I"m sorry I didn't get to the testimonial tuesday. We had some bad news of my husband's dear Aunt Ellie dying that day and it was a difficult day....she didn't know the Lord...in fact she was very anti God so.....it just makes us so sad. I will try to do the next one.