Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Testimonial Tuesday # 4

Welcome to Testimonial Tuesday where we share stories of answered prayer ....

Your stories are important; and,

big or small, 

  We want to hear them all.

Make that, we NEED to hear them all.

When we pray and ask God for help, it doesn't have to be a long eloquent prayer. In fact, our Lord warns us against using vain repetitive phrases "as the heathen do, for they think they shall be heard for their many words." (See Matthew 6:7) Isn't that just like us? We're always thinking our efforts will move the Father, when what He responds to is the faith in our prayers. 

Sometimes, a one word prayer is enough.

Today, I'm sharing a testimony my husband put in the comments of last week's Testimonial Tuesday.  He posted it late and I was not sure very many readers saw it, so I've asked him if I could repeat his comment here:

"A couple months ago, me,  Jerralea and my 2 daughters, and also the twins, went to St Louis, MO, about 2 hours from home. On the way, the van engine light came on. We stopped and checked the oil and it was about a quart low. We went on to the mall, did some shopping and met some family so they could see the twins for the first time.

Then we headed back home. We were looking for an off ramp to stop and get a quart of oil. One of my daughters was driving. It had been raining and there was some black ice. She came up on the off ramp too fast, and when we started down the ramp, since the road was icy, we missed the ramp and went down across the other side of the interstate. I could just see us being stuck in the mud and be stranded there. Instead, she was able to drive right through the mud and came up on the shoulder of the interstate. We could have very easily turned the van over and been seriously hurt. While all that was going on Jerralea just said the word "Jesus," and we were all safe and unharmed. It don't take a long drawn out prayer, sometimes you only have time to say "Jesus."


Now it's your turn. What has God done for you lately?

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betty said...

So powerful in the name of Jesus. We need to remember simplicity in our prayers. I do remember one time when Koda was being attacked by a dog, I said "help me Jesus" and the next thing I see on the road in front of us was a cat that I hadn't seen before. The dog fixated on the cat and I was able to "rescue" Koda (who was uninjured, thank God; happened 6 years ago now)


Jerralea said...

Thanks for sharing that awesome story, Betty!

Joyful said...

God's hand of protection over His own! :) Giving thanks that you were all under His care

Anonymous said...

Wonderful testimony!!! So thankful you all were okay!

Here is my testimony that just happened this past weekend.

My almost 15 year old doggy Tillie was acting funny, and when I got up to check on her I thought she was dying right in front of me. I picked her up because I thought she isn't going to die alone struggling on the floor. When I picked her up I thought she was having a stroke or a very serious seizure which she has never had either before. I held her while she was thrashing and her tongue was out and turning black. I kept saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, help Tillie...save her. She came out of this terrible medical crisis and was perfectly happy and normal since then!!! Praising the LORD Jesus for answered prayer!!!

Jerralea said...

Thanks, Joyful! I am so thankful His eye is on His children at all times.

Cathy, what another wonderful example of praying the name of Jesus! Glad your Tillie is doing well. He cares about all things concerning us - our pets, too.

Faith said...

oh thanks for sharing this!! sometimes all i've been able to utter is His Precious Name. Praise GOd for his protection!! My post is finally up. Sorry is so late...i worked then had to run errands.....yup..am back to work/school. life is busy again :)

Jerralea said...

Faith, thank you for posting! We love to hear your stories whenever you can post!

Ceil said...

Wow! Now that's a testimony! And what a wonderful example of faith you gave to your husband, your children and to Jesus too. I am SO glad it worked out well for you.
My husband hit black ice on his way to work a few years ago. He was not as lucky, he totaled his truck. But...no one was hurt as he slid across three lanes of traffic, including him. Jesus was there.

Betsy Smith said...

That is a miracle indeed!