Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Testimonial Tuesday #2

Welcome to Testimonial Tuesday where we share stories of answered prayer .... Your stories are important; and,

big or small, 
  We want to hear them all.

Make that, we NEED to hear them all.

Tell us about the times God has moved on your behalf. It can be a big miracle or a small everyday kind of thing you prayed about and received an answer. It can be something that happened to you personally or a story of God answering a friend's prayer. It can be something that happened today or years ago but you remember it like it was yesterday ...

In fact, an answered prayer from yesteryear is my testimony today.

Over twenty years ago, our family was going through a rough patch.  It was the beginning stages of Jim's bipolar disorder, and let me tell you, it was TOUGH.  Tough emotionally and also tough financially. A bipolar person is someone who misses a lot of work which wreaks havoc with the budget.

Our car was not working well. Jim was out on the carport working on it. We didn't have the cash to take it to a mechanical shop.  I don't know exactly what happened (I'm not mechanically minded AT ALL) but he came in the house with a sick expression on his face. Very upset, he explained that he had "killed" the engine and the car would not start up.

What to do? We only had the one vehicle at that time, and we had. No. Money.

Remembering that we had read in the book of James to anoint with oil and the prayer of faith would heal the sick, we went outside with a bottle of vegetable oil and poured it on the engine and then bowed our heads and prayed. (I know it sounds crazy, but when faith is all you got, it's enough.)

Our prayer went something like this, "Father, we put our broken car in Your hands. We don't know what to do but to ask in faith believing that You will meet our need. You know we have to have a vehicle to work to provide for our family. You know we pay our tithes. Your word says God will supply our needs according to His riches in glory so we thank you right now for healing our car."

Then Jim got in the driver's seat and turned the key. The car FIRED UP. We ended up driving it for another couple of years.

God can heal an engine just as well as He can heal a body! He WILL meet the needs of His children.

Now it's your turn. What has God done for you lately?

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Bethany Carson said...

Oh wow...now that is amazing!

Tori Leslie said...

Wow, praise the Lord!! I love knowing that God is in control.
Thanks for the encouraging post!

Melanie said...

Wonderful testimony, Jerralea! God healed my washer once. It has since died of old age and I have a new one. God does come through when He need Him to.

betty said...

That is a wonderful testimony, Jerralea! God wants to be part of our complete lives, cars and all!


Penny (A Penny For Your Thoughts) said...

We serve an Awesome God!! Thank you for sharing :)

Terri B said...

PTL- God is good, all the time! I stand on his promises, and I know he already knows my every step before I take it. He is just waiting for us to give it all up to him and stop letting the devil worry us down. Thanks for sharing.

Joyful said...

God can HEAL anything! Even a car! It takes great faith to pray for a car! :)

Faith said...

WHOO HOO!! PRAISE HIS NAME! and guess what?? My husband (who was just my bf at the time) and I did that on my old clunker of a Ford when I was a 2nd year teacher and dirt poor. I was actually going to share that testimony next week!!! God is so good....you and your hubby stepped out on faith and look at what the Lord did. I love stories like these...shows the powerful hand of God at work!!

Susanne said...

God is good! We've done some crazy things like that too, but God does say to cast all our cares on Him and that means all!