Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Word for 2015 is ....


It is so easy to get so carried away with busy work that the day goes by in a blur. At the end of the day, you wonder what you even did.

Day by day, month by month and year by year, time slips away.

Although 2014 was a great year for our family, and we can date events by how close it happened to the twins' birth, when we look back over the years many of them seem like they didn't even exist. We can't remember what happened and what was accomplished.

One of the things I hoped to accomplish when I started blogging was a record of our days. By participating in reflective memes such as The Simple Woman's Daybook and Friday's Fave Five, I feel closer to that goal.

However, I need to be much more intentional about my days. The truth is, you can't accomplish every thing. A person must have a plan if a goal is to be reached. The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect and plan. Instead of resolutions, I want to figure out what is important to me, this year, and develop a plan to work to get there.

Some things already are at the top of my list:  
  • Spending consistent private time with God. I've not really mastered this. It is too easy to get involved in other things and leave the main thing out. God is first, I intend to prove it by my time.
  • Being available for my family when they need me. This will mean sometimes I will have to say no to other activities. Family is second, I intend to make sure they know it.
  • Write everyday.  It might not be a blog post or a bible lesson, but I want to write something every day. It might just be a thankful list in a journal. I intend to make room for this in my life.

Do you need to be more intentional?

I've been sharing reflections of 2014 and linking up at Susannah Conley's site. Thank you for celebrating December with me!


Tori Leslie said...

That's a great word and theme for the new year, think I'm gonna add it to my new year also.
Happy 2015 Jerralea!!

Faith said...

Great word!! I'm just about to start my post about the word that the Lord put on my heart for this new calendar year. ALong with some goals. Looking forward to reading more of your encouraging posts Jerralea. Happy New Year!!

Simply Linda said...

Great post..I am afraid I do not have a word..nothing has come to mind just, I just told a lie...wait...that is the must be. That has been on my heart for awhile now. Blessings to you...

Susanne said...

I know I could use a good dose of intentional. I'm still trying to think of a word for this year.

betty said...

Good word for the new year. I think it is good to put thoughts down daily. I need to do that more in this new year. Happy new year.


Anonymous said...

I could certainly be more intentional in my planning of each day. All too often, I way over-plan and then just end up disappointed come evening.
Still working on my word...pretty sure I have it, so I'll be posting about that later this week, I hope!