Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 2 - View

There has been times on this Journey when I was asked to sing a solo or two at church.  One of the songs I ran across when looking for soundtracks was a song entitled, "Heaven's Point of View," sung by Priscilla McGruder.  Oh my, what a powerful song!

Here are the lines in the song that meant so much to me:

What once looked like a mountain 

Is just a hill from heaven's point of view 

It's all in how you view the problem.  So often, what looks like a great big problem here on earth is an opportunity when viewed from a higher perspective.

Case in point:  Back in 2011, my family experienced a flood in a place where we had lived for over 30 years without water even getting into our yard.  2011 was an unusual year with both the Mississippi and the Ohio being swollen with melting snow from northern states making its way south. Our house sat right in a V between the two rivers. Adding to the problem was a record-breaking rainfall which equaled a flooded home for us.

The day the rain subsided and we went back to view the damage, we felt really discouraged. What a mountain of work we faced!  How would we ever put our home back together.

What we didn't know was the flood was God's opportunity to bless us. From His viewpoint, He could now set into place events that would end up with us having a better home after the flood then we ever had before.

Since that time, I've tried to view problems that come along as a way of seeing God at work.

Have you ever had something bad happen that ended up being a blessing?


You can view Priscilla McGruder singing this song on YouTube, but it is a very long version.  Here is a shorter version of the song sung by Jessy Dixon:

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Angie said...

I need to look at things from that perspective more often. I always get so caught up in the problem that I can't see what blessings could possibly come out of it.