Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 16: Adjust

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One of the biggest adjustments I have had to make was when we became empty-nesters.  I really didn't think it would be so hard. The first chick to leave the nest left about 4 years ago, the second one flew the coop just 6 months later.  But at least I still had one left, thank God.

Last year, she packed up and left, too.  Thanks be to Jesus, it was just down the road, but still! I didn't like it.

Everyone said after you got used to it, things would get better.  Most said they learned to enjoy having the house to themselves and less responsibility keeping tabs on their young adult children.

I did get a home office out of  the deal ... and another closet.

Much as I would love a do-over, empty nesting is not only a natural part of life, but actually should have been the goal all along.  We raise our children to fly ...I mean, follow their dreams.  It's a good thing when they are ready to face the world on their own.

Meanwhile, back at the home place adjusting is still going on.  I have to revamp my recipes and not make so much food.  So far, I still haven't mastered mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes for two just seems wrong! Dad doesn't have to stay up making sure everyone gets home safe before he can lock down the house for bedtime. We watch whatever shows we want.  We can go on road trips and not worry about when we should be back.  We hardly ever run out of hot water or toilet paper anymore.

But ... the house is so quiet ... I'd rather have the kids back!


What about you?  What is the hardest thing you've had to adjust to in your life?

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betty said...

I had the empty nest twice, both times he came back, LOL, but who knows the next time. The first time I just cried and cried, the second time it was easier.

Hardest thing to adjust to, and I still haven't, is our living situation for the last 4 years. Hubby quit his nice paying job to move closer to his parents to assist in their care giving. They were in assisted living, but we moved into the house he would eventually inherit. I went along with it because I knew it was the right thing to do, but almost 4 years later I still haven't adjusted.


Melanie Cook said...

Becoming an empty nester was not fun, I remember. When my mother moved in with me, that helped a bit. I had someone to care for then. My first two left home years before my last one did and when he did, it was only months after my husband died. I think I'm still adjusting! God bless.