Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 13: Work

Early in my married life, I had times when I was a full-time homemaker.  As a young twenty-something, I found I lacked self-discipline.  I was also a voracious reader, and often fell into the trap of starting a book and reading the day away. I would glance at the clock realizing my husband would soon be home for dinner.  I. Had. No. Clue. What. We. Were. Having!

I had frittered away the time I should have been taking care of my home. I would feel intense guilt. My husband worked hard.  I couldn't say the same.

Then God brought into my life a group of people who were interested in self-improvement and positive thinking. I learned about being productive.  I read a lot of books about organizing.  I had a mentor who modeled what a Proverbs 31 woman did.  

I learned two very important skills.  One was the "to-do list." My readers will recognize that I am a big fan of this skill.  It made such a difference in my life!  I learned to make the list the very first thing each day.  I "planned my work, then I worked my plan."

I also learned a great trick.  Set your timer in increments of 30 minutes.  Work for 30 minutes, then do something you like to do when the bell goes off.

I'd write more ... but my buzzer just rang!  


How do you keep yourself on task at work?  Leave a comment and share!

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Faith said...

loved this!! i love to read too so at home after work (I teach in a special needs kindergarten classroom until 3 pm) i reward my self with a book but i do housework first for a half hour, read, workout, more housework/dinner prep and then is good to reward ourselves :)

Dianna said...

Where would be without our to-do lists, Jerralea? I would definitely fritter away too much time if it weren't for mine.

And I loved your comment that you would write more but your buzzer just went off. :)

Jazzmin said...

Such wise words! I know what you mean about sitting down and doing something you enjoy and looking at the clock to realize the entire day has nearly passed. I have found it so helpful to make lists also, especially as I go through college right now. I don't know what I'd do without writing things down to do and then crossing them off.

It is always a joy to hear of your experiences and wisdom, Jerralea, especially when you share parts of your life as a homemaker and things that you have learned along the way.

Blessings to you and may you have a wonderful week :)

betty said...

I always do what I have to get done first and get it out of the way so then I can relax and not have to worry about work at that particular time :)


Susanne said...

The buzzer ringing made me smile. I'm hit and miss with the 30 minute increments. Sometimes when I'm on a roll I hate to stop because I know if I do, I won't get back to it. Apparently discipline is an issue with me. Sigh.

Melanie Cook said...

The 30 minute timer is a great idea. I tend to get absorbed in what I'm doing to the detriment of all the other stuff that needs to get done. I am a list maker too!

Joyful said...

Oh yes, I remember those days! I think that guilt is what sent me back to the workplace instead of following God's plan. Now I am still in the workplace and wishing I had followed God's plan for my life. :( So does Mister. :)
I couldn't get anything accomplished if I didn't make lists of things to get done. That is how I start my weekends and it feels great to mark those things off my list!

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! I am a big fan of lists myself. Whether I make them in my head or on paper, it gives my day some direction. I can get lost in searching through drawers, sorting clothes and reading too. It's fun, but I do have chores to get done too!

So cute about the bell ringing, and you had to stop writing. I hope you did something fun!