Monday, July 7, 2014

Daybook: 07.07.14


Outside my window... mostly cloudy skies with a promise of thunderstorms and 90 degree heat.

I am thinking... I love my family!!

I am thankful... to be born in a country where so many try to come here to live also.  I wish America could take care of everyone in the world ... but I know that is not possible.  

In the kitchen... spaghetti and garlic bread for tonight.  Tomorrow is Jim's birthday, and he has requested a traditional roast beef dinner with blackberry cobbler for dessert.  I aim to please!

I am and white sundress with a white tee

I am creating... an atmosphere of joy and peace.  I want people to experience that around me because I am a joyful person and I have peace.  I know my Redeemer lives and He always takes care of me.

I am looking forward answer to an unspoken prayer need.

A favorite quote for today...

Truth wears well. 
Charles H. Spurgeon

One of my favorite things... fresh Bing cherries.  I've just munched on a handful.  Yummy!

Around the house...I'm catching up on a lot of little things that need my attention.  I had a long list of to-do items over the weekend.  I think I got 9 things left to accomplish, which leads me to ... A few plans for the rest of the week: finishing my to-do list and studying Romans 1.

A peek into my day...spotted on July 4th somewhere in southeast MO.

Another creative use for a wood pallet

The daybook is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler.  You can link up at her blog, The Simple Woman's Daybook.


betty said...

What a great birthday dinner for your husband tomorrow, happy early birthday to him! I'm sure it will be delicious. I haven't had cherries in a few years, will have to treat myself to some soon! It is great we live in our country!


Dianna said...

Good for you for making your husband's birthday dinner request your aim to please!

Your joy and peace truly come through in your blogging, Jerralea. It is one of the things that drew me to you all those months ago.

Have fun with that to-do list!

Melanie Cook said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday dinner tomorrow! I have to echo what Dianna said - it is very peaceful here! Have a blessed day.

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! I know my husband would love to have some fruit cobbler! We used to be able to pick out our birthday dinner when we were kids. And pick our cake too. How fun that you have that tradition too.

I really enjoy cantaloup in the summer. Yum! Summer fruits are the best :)

Susanne said...

Creating an atmosphere of joy and peace. I love that, it says it takes effort and doesn't necessarily just happen. I think I just expect it to one too many times and then get frustrated when it doesn't.

Linda said...

Sounds wonderful, and great thoughts here. The weather is pretty much the same here in Montreal. Thank you so much for sharing, and a happy early birthday to your husband. :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Spaghetti and garlic bread...yum! My husband is a meat-and-potatoes guy, so I could see him requesting roast beef for a birthday meal.

jen said...

That birthday dinner sounds fabulous!