Friday, July 4, 2014

Breathe out the Stress


Like a lot of you, my life can seem very stressful.  It's not so much that I have hard things to endure, it's more like the busy-ness of life, the commitments and deadlines that loom over me.

However, my husband and I have found a natural stress-reliever - mini road trips!   I'm telling you, there is nothing like getting back to nature to take a load off your mind.  

Our version of mini road trips equals traveling to some state park or lake, river or historical site.  We purposefully pick places we can travel to in a day's journey.  It mainly just costs gas and whether or not we decide to grab a meal.

Once we get there, we will set up our lawn chairs in the shade, and then ... exhale.  Breathe out all the stress, the thoughts of what must be done, and then breathe in peace, quiet and serenity.  The benefits of spending time in God's creation cannot be measured!

There is space to just talk with each other ... or not. Times like this is when inspiration might strike.   Silence is healing.  You might hear a word from God.

Soon the sun will set and it is time to head back home and to the responsibilities waiting there.  But you can smile, knowing you had a chance to unwind and exhale.


Five Minute Friday

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Lauren said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Loved your FFF post... what a great way to end the week! And totally get what you're saying in your exhale post... sometimes we have to be in silence to truly get that big deep breath out. Glad to be in community with you. Happy 4th, and many blessings!

betty said...

Great idea to do this and to have the option of talking or not talking, but just enjoying beng together, exhaling and enjoying the beautiful world God made!


Jeanne T said...

Jerralea, what a fabulous idea. We have to be intentional about giving ourselves the opportunity to exhale, don't we?

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea.

And, thanks for stopping by my blog!