Friday, June 6, 2014

F.F.F. - 06.06.14

Today I'm on pins and needles!  Our babies are going to be born TODAY.  Unfortunately, my plane tickets are for the 15th, not the 6th, and the earliest available flight is next weekend.

And so I wait.

As I wait, I am remembering the blessings of the past and this week as well.

1,  When going through a trial, it is always good to remember how God delivered you in the past.  Because He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He does not change.  If He helped before, He will again, as long as I remain in right relationship with Him. Whatever happens will always be for our ultimate best.

I'm remembering my labor with Janae.  I seriously thought I was going to die.  I remember begging Jim to remember I loved him and be sure to always tell Elissa how much mommy loved her.  I'm not kidding.  I really thought I couldn't push Janae out and that we would both die.

But here we are today. I'm alive and in one piece.  Janae is busy in the middle of her labor with the twins.  

God is good!  All the time!

2. Sweetness:  I had a friend give me, the grandmother, a baby congratulation card and money for expenses for the trip out to see the babies.  What thoughtfulness!  God blesses me through His people all the time.

3. It's been a good week at work.  I'm still organizing like crazy with 4 of my 6 cabinets done now. I've also been working ahead to make the week I'm gone to Colorado go smoothly.

4.  Backtracking a bit:  I had a fun weekend last week.  I started out on Saturday going to yard sales with Liss and Malia. We always have fun doing that.  Later in the day, Jim and I went to scope out a lake in southeast MO.  It didn't turn out to be one of the better places to go, but the sky was gorgeous, most of the time there was a breeze, and it was peaceful at the lake.

On Sunday, we got together for a belated birthday lunch for Elissa.  We went to Firehouse Subs, and boy, am I a big fan! I want to go back.

5.  Quote of the week:

I saw this on an email from Southern Plate today and thought it appropriate for the FFF family of bloggers:

"If you can't have the best of everything, make the best of everything you have."  ~Unknown

And thus ends another week on the Journey.  Next week, I'm sure to have baby info and pictures!

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Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet thing to give the Grandmother a card and gift, especially a gift to help travel. I know you can't wait to get those little ones in your arms! Hope you have a great trip!

Joyful said...

Oh Jerralea! I had such a hard time focusing after I read your opening statement! I laughed so hard when described your labor (even though it wasn't REALLY funny).
To thoughtful of your friend to give you the gift! I am so excited for you! Hope you have a great weekend and I will be praying for your family!

betty said...

Such wonderful news with the babies being born today! I think it is neat how God provides for all of our needs one way or another. How sweet of your friend to help you along your journey to see your new grandbabies!


Karen said...

I'm so excited for you! Hope you get some baby news soon, and can't wait to see pictures.

We'll try to keep the weather nice and cool for you, when you come to Colorado next week!

LivingforGod said...

Congratulations on your new grandchildren! Have a wonderful trip and time in CO!

ellen b. said...

How exciting and I can understand you being on pins and needles! It will be so wonderful for you to meet the twins!

Faith said...

Love that quote and praise God those babies are gonna be born...I'm getting a late start to visiting FFFs due to. Y youngest and her ballet show last night so probably you are a grandma by now!!! Congrats!!!! Enjoy the weekend!

Willow said...

By now (Saturday evening) you are a grandma x 2! Congratulations! I know you will have a wonderful visit with everyone in CO.

Angie said...

How absolutely exciting. I can't wait for all the photos.

I've never tried Firehouse Subs

Susanne said...

Oh my goodness what an opening statement. So excited for you and your family. By now (Sunday a.m.) you are a grandma! Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing all about your first meeting!

I'm wanting to go to a lake today now too.