Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Delights

Each season has its joys and struggles.  For instance, although I love Spring for many reasons - the return of color to the landscape in the form of greening trees and spring flowers, the warmer weather and lengthening days; yet, Spring brings windy, rainy, sometimes miserable days.  There is always a threat of flooding in the Spring.

Summer is looming on the horizon. 

There are two things I dread about Summer:  heat and high air conditioning bills.  However, I am more than willing to pay those high air conditioning bills because I hate heat so much.  Everyone who knows me has heard me whine more than once, "I hate to sweat."  

In contrast, there are many things I like about Summer.  Summer picnics and barbecues, days so long that it is not truly dark until 9 p.m., long weekends and fresh garden produce are just some of the things Summer brings when it comes to our neck of the woods.

Here are some of my favorite Summer delights:

  • Sandals - I love to have my toes cooler and have room to wiggle. I hate heavy socks and closed toe shoes once it gets hot enough to make me sweat.  Hot toes make a grumpy Jerralea.  Plus, I enjoy pedicures.
  • Capris - I know fashion experts preach against the capri pant.  It is true that sometimes where the hem of the capri falls might make your legs look stumpy. Yet, I have an unholy love for capris and wear them anyway. I'm defiant like that.
  • Grilled food - I love me some grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken - the basics.  I love to experiment with other things but I always come back to the tried - and - true.
  • Last but not least, I love summer because it means road trips!  Saturdays are the days my hubby and I like to hit the road and savor all Summer has to offer.  God made a world brimming with beauty and it's my aim to capture as much as I can of it on camera!

What's YOUR favorite thing about summer?

Mama’s Losin’ It

This post was written in response to Writer's Workshop prompt 4.) What you're most looking forward to (or dreading) this Summer. You can join the fun by linking up at Kat's blog, Mama's Losin' It.


ellen b. said...

What do I like about summer? I think I like the fact that family members feel compelled to come visit the great Northwest in the summer!
I'm not a huge fan of heat so it's nice that the Pacific N.W. doesn't typically get too hot!
Have a great weekend.

betty said...

Cute to read all that you enjoy about summer! I agree with capri pants; go comfortable! I like the long evenings with light and the warmer weather where I might indulge in a dish of ice cream (otherwise if it is too cool out, I am not a fan of ice cream :)


Joyful Reader said...

What a great post! I smiled and enjoyed it from beginning to end. I feel the same about shoes and capris. I wear sandles everyday that I can and capris everywhere but Sunday worship. Hope you enjoy your summer!

May said...

I agree 100% about the heat thing. And capri pants? Come on, it is that or shorts. And nobody needs to see that! So, yes, I too am a defiant capri girl!

Dianna said...

I'm with you, Jerralea, when it comes to Capris! :)

Your Saturdays with your husband sound wonderful!

Melanie Cook said...

I have to confess that summer is my least favorite season. Very hot and I hibernate in the air conditioning. Summer also brings hurricane season. I do love sticking my toes in the sand though!

Mama Kat said...

Heat is my least favorite thing about summer...I'd much rather be cold!