Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm Late

My dad used to chant this line from Alice in Wonderland when we were running late:

I'm late, I'm late
for a very important date.
No time to say hello, goodbye,
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

Now, when I'm running late, I hear that chant in my head. Every. Time.

The sad fact is, I'm running late almost every day.  Why?  Because I'm a perfectionist, that is why!

I must straighten this, or fix that, before I can walk out the door.  I try to leave my house immaculate whenever I go somewhere so that makes it almost impossible to get out the door on time. However, it does make coming home a joy!

In order to cope with my issues, I must at least get up two hours before work in order to accomplish everything on my mental checklist.  If I'm doing a workout, then wake-up time must be moved up to three hours before time to leave.

Sadly, I still run 5 minutes late most days.  I'll tell you the reason:  Facebook!

I sit down at my desk to check my emails. The next thing I know, I've wandered over to Facebook and get lost in my friends' news, recipes, jokes and links they share.  I scroll and scroll reading, reading, reading until all of a sudden, my eye falls upon the clock in the task-bar of my desktop and the bitter truth is plainly written there ... It's later than I thought.

I've got a plan to cure this lateness, though.  I will set a timer and ... not even open up Facebook until I get home at night.  Yeah, that will work.

Mama’s Losin’ It

This post was written in response to Writer's Workshop prompt 4.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: late.  If you often have a problem with being late, let me know I'm not alone! Leave a comment or link up over at Kat's blog, Mama's Losin' It


Joyful Reader said...

Oh my, I can never check emails in the morning. I tend to feel like I have to read and answer everyone. I don't have facebook so that is not my problem. I understand getting the placed "perfect" before you leave. Or at least as close to organized chaos as I can get with all my kids still home and such...
enjoyed this post! The rabbit took me back to when I was a kid and had this story on album with the book! LOL!

Carol said...

Good luck with that one! And.. we sound so much alike. I can't leave the house, either, until I feel satisfied that everything is in order.

I'm leaving for Europe again and have gone from room to room making sure everything is going to make me sing with joy when I return! That is the best feeling in the world. Coming home to a clean, smell good house! Oh.. and clean sheets are a must the day before I leave.

I enjoyed your post! In my book, it's ok to be late. Now we just have to convince some of the other folks why a few minutes behind arrival is acceptable. If they only knew...

The Brown Recluse said...

I've sung that song uh-lot over the years because I heard on a commercial when I was a kid. I've never seen Alice in Wonderland, so I didn't know that's where it came from!

I'm not a perfectionist...we know that because my house always needs cleaning...but I am perfectionistic, and want things done a certain way. I have tossed a lot of my art work because of a tiny flaw, when chances are I would have liked it OK if I'd kept going...

Good post.

betty said...

I honestly had to give up FB; I dumped everyone but my family to keep up on their activities; otherwise between blogs and other things, I never got anything done :)


Mama Kat said...

The internet definitely tricks me into thinking I can have a quick look at something before sending me down a rabbit hole and making me late too! I feel you on that one!