Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Heaven

I submit that one of the most important thing for our minds to dwell upon is where we will spend eternity.

After all, this life we live on earth will perhaps number close to a hundred years. A drop in the bucket when viewed in light of eternity.

I choose to dwell upon heaven.

"This world is not my home, I'm just a stranger traveling through," was quoted by Bro. Red every time we had a testimony service at my little humble home church.

I just happen to believe he was right.

I believe in a biblical view of heaven. It does tell us some things but leaves most things for us to find out when we get there.  What  it does tell makes me really want to go there:  no tears, no sorrows, and no darkness. There will be a mansion (or rooms as some believe) designed especially for each of God's children. It will be awesome because Jesus has been preparing it for us ever since He ascended into heaven.  If it weren't true, He wouldn't have told us about it. *

Mostly, I want to see the face of the One who paid the price for me to get there ... it will be the most thrilling meeting ever! Think how excited we would be to meet the President, the Queen or some other favorite celebrity?  Yep, seeing the Savior will be way, way better than that.

Q4U:  Are you going there?  If you don't know how, would you like to know?

*John 14:1-3

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Lisa notes... said...

"I choose to dwell upon heaven." That can get us through a lot when we keep our thoughts there. As a child I used to want heaven just to avoid hell, but now I know I want heaven because I'll finally get to see my Lord and Savior there face to face. Thanks for this today, Jerralea!

Chuck Allen said...

What a lovely post. I probably do not stop and think about heaven enough. It certainly helps to put this life into perspective.

I think I'm glad the Bible doesn't tell us everything about what it will be like. I'm content to just to know what Paul said - "And so shall we ever be with the Lord."

betty said...

Heaven is Jesus and that is more than enough for me to try to figure out how it will be. I love where it says in the Bible that we won't need the sun or the moon for light because his face will be radiant enough to be our light (and he always is our light). What a joyous time it will be to be with the Lord forever!