Friday, April 4, 2014

F.F.F. - 04.04.14

Hello, lovelies!  It's been another lightening-fast week here on the Journey. It feels like I just wrote a Friday's Fave Five post yesterday.

However, as always, there are favorites to be found and here are five of mine:

1.  I went to work without wearing my coat one day this week!  I finally feel it's Spring when I can do that.  Next up:  a pedicure for sandal wearing weather.

2.  It may be shallow, but I have a new turquoise purse for Spring that I adore.  It makes me happy every time I pick it up.

3.  I'm doing a fun writing exercise, Blogging from A-Z.  It's a fun challenge where the rule is pretty simple:  blog each day on a topic that begins with that day's letter of the alphabet. Over a couple thousand of us are doing it and I've already met a couple kindred spirits.

4. Whittling down the to-do-list  Things have been going so well at work that I've been able to do some of those projects that are at the bottom of the list - things I say I'll do "when I get time."  It's a great feeling to get some of those things done.  I always feel like I've accomplished something when that list gets smaller.

5.  Quote of the week is one appropriate for Spring::

... in time of daffodils (who know the goal of living is to grow)

~e. e. cummings

Are you growing?  Mentally? Spiritually?  Something to ponder ....

And so ends another week on the Journey.  How was your week?  Leave a comment or link up to our lovely blog hostess, Susanne, at Living to Tell the Story.


barbarah said...

I don't think it is shallow at all to enjoy a new purse. Those little things can be delightful.

It has been gloriously springy this week here, too. Feels so nice!

I keep a running list of projects to get to if I have time - it's so nice to work on those some times.

Faith said...

Definitely not shallow to enjoy a new purse!!! I mentioned my new one too!! It's been spring like more here too this week! Yay for completing, are the 3 rd blogger to mention that today!! Enjoy the weekend!

Joyful Reader said...

Well, I think I had a pretty good week. Not much blogging. Like you said, "lightening fast"! I didn't even get my FFF post completed before I had it scheduled to go up! Oops. I have been trying to get a couple small books done for reviews. I am already late for one... Have a super weekend!

nikkipolani said...

Y'know, Jerri, there are no shallow faves :-) I love it that there are little pleasures God gives us in all areas of life.

A great quote to keep us thinking. Congrats on the whittled list :-)

Willow said...

I agree with Anne--no shallow faves. If the purse gives you pleasure and it's a gift from God, it's great.
I'm glad you're getting more sunshine and warm weather. Yay Spring!

Susanne said...

A new purse,especially one of lovely color, would always make me happy and be a favorite!

Knocking off items on a to do list is awesome!

I'm going to look up the writing challenge. I really need some inspiration.