Friday, April 11, 2014

A Coat of Paint


When the sun goes down, the Master Artist will paint the skies with vivid colors:  orange, hot pink and magenta.  Each day the canvas is cleared and a new version is done by the time the sun kisses the horizon.

I'm in awe of His artistry.

The Creator has also endowed people with creative abilities.

It amazes me when I see people create beauty.  Sometimes the only thing used to transform is paint.  It's amazing what just changing the color of something will do.

Not too long ago, we had a flood.  When we went in and cleaned up the place, we got to a point where the walls needed to be painted.  What a difference a couple coats made!

Most my life, I have had yellow kitchens but this time I went a different direction.  Now I have white wainscoting and red walls. You'd never know it was the same place.

It's amazing what a coat of paint will do.


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Anonymous said...

I agree...the transformation of a well-applied coat of paint, whether human or divine, is amazing!

Alyssa said...

I wrote about the same thing. :) Great minds think alike.