Friday, March 14, 2014

F.F.F. - 03.14.14

Time to reflect on the highlights of my week!

1.  Last Saturday, my baby girl and I spent the afternoon together.  We ate out at Applebee's and went shopping for the twins.  I had a wonderful time. I can't share my surprises yet - I'm waiting for the baby shower.

2.  Better weather:  We actually had one day that got up to 69°.  I had a full work week.  Life is back to normal.  Yay!

3.  American Idol night:  I posted before about this but will say again that a highlight of the week is Thursday night. We chose Thursday as the night we watch all the AI shows for the week. Liss joins us in this activity.  I'm always excited because I can know the results the same night that I saw the competition for the week. It's getting harder because I'm really liking almost all of the contestants and hate to see anyone voted off.  I've been saying for weeks that Ben needs to clean up his act because he looks too scruffy.  He did just that this week; he looked so much better, then he was voted off the program!  Evidently, not all of America agrees with me.  :)

4.  It so happens that March is the month two of my best friends celebrate birthdays.  Happy birthday to Cora on March 15 and to Glenda on March 29. You both are so important to me and have helped create many special memories.  May there be many more!

5.  My rosebush has buds on it!  As I backed out the driveway today, I glanced over at my knockout rose bush and saw some green buds.  Spring WILL come.

Soon my roses will look like this shot from last year!

And so ends another week on the Journey.  It was a week much like any other but I still appreciate every day God gives me to love my family and do what He has given me to do.

How was YOUR week?  Leave a comment, or link up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.


Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Glad to hear you had some better weather and that your roses are giving signs of spring! Wonderful.

Have a great week ahead.

Faith said...

yay for signs of spring!! how fun to go baby shower shopping!! I no longer watch AI...i used to LOVE it when Simon was one of the judges...have only seen it once since he left as now my small group is on Thursdays. Enjoy the start of spring and may you have many more sunny warm days!

Anonymous said...

Aren't those warm days just lovely?

Baby shower shopping is so much fun.

I haven't checked my roses yet. Can't wait til they start blooming!

Willow said...

YES yes yes! Warm days! I love all the signs of spring. Although my 'winters' aren't like yours, I love spring.

My roses are budding. Now if only the deer will leave them alone...

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing so much about AI from my family - they love it. I can only watch shows on my computer. I do have some fave shows and I like to watch them all at once as well. But the shows are on break right now: Call the Midwife and Sherlock.

Spending time with your baby girl, shopping for twins and eating at Applebees: sounds like a perfect "date."

Have a great weekend, Jerralea, at least what's left of one. :)

Susanne said...

Baby shower shopping is so much fun. I bet it's multiplied when it's for your very own grandkids! Been watching AI too. I'm enjoying it so much better this year.