Friday, March 14, 2014

Crowding my mind


Crowd can mean two things:  a bunch of people, or something that takes up too much space.  I was thinking about things crowding my life, such as clutter, when the lines from the song "One Day at a Time" popped up in my memory:

Do you remember when you walked among men
Well Jesus you know 
if you're looking below it's worse now than then
Pushing and shoving crowding my mind
So for my sake teach me to take one day at a time.
(Merle Haggard version)

Much worse than visual clutter is mental clutter.  Most of the time, mental clutter is a graveyard of regrets crowding our minds.  Thoughts of "I should have ____________"  or "Why did she/he __________?"  Mental conversations in which, this time, you get the upper hand.

Or even worse, worry and anxiety could be crowding our brains.  Worry changes nothing and the energy spent on worry can make you feel ill. 

Instead, I'm gong to focus on the positive.  I know God loves me and has everything under control.  Why worry?

He's also said that vengeance is His, He will repay.  Why replay endless conversations in your mind with those who have hurt you.  He knows and He will vindicate.

Having the mind of Christ means looking at things the way He would. I feel sure that looking at things from His perspective will make my brain feel less crowded.


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Anne said...

I haven't done my post yet, but this was the line of thinking I had (so far!). That crowding out the bad thoughts with the good is the way to peace. Thanks for this post! Blessings to you! Anne