Friday, February 28, 2014

F.F.F. -02.28.14

Here we are, the last day of February 2014 and a Friday to boot!  We cannot get February back, we can only reflect on the blessings she brought us.

1. Last Saturday was a wonderful day.  It was the Saturday we did not have worship team practice so there was a little more time in the day to do as I wished.  I spent part of Saturday savoring the sunshine.  I put together a centerpiece for St. Patrick's Day mainly just to remind myself that color will again appear on the earth.

I also dressed up my buffet / hutch in green for spring:

I love that piece of furniture!  It's the first real furniture I ever bought new, over 37 years ago.  It's been through a flood and three kids.  It's a little worse for wear but it is still sturdy enough to hold about 8 sets of china and no telling how many candlesticks!

2.  Saturday was warm, 60 degrees, and just made me feel so good!  I had to hold onto that feeling because just about 3 days later we had temps of 16°.  This weekend we are facing another winter storm ....

3.  Thursdays are another fun day of the week for me.  Elissa comes over for dinner, sometimes early enough to help me cook.  Then we watch American Idol together.  (We tape the programs and watch them all at once.)  Even though Jim and I are not a fan of popular music, we love watching the stories of the entertainers and watching them improve each week.

4.  I love Fridays because I wear my favorite jeans, I get groceries after work and bring home takeout (usually my favorite chicken apple cranberry salad) and then Jim and I have a Jeopardy marathon.  (Yeah, we are an exciting bunch.)

5.Quote of the week,

"I honestly can't imagine living my life without Jesus in the very center of my being." - Anne Graham Lotz in her book "I Saw the Lord."

Me neither, Anne, me neither.

And so ends another week on the Journey.  How did your week go?  Please share in the comments (if you are reading this through email, you will have to click through to my blog to comment) or link up at Susanne's blog, "Living to Tell the Story."

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Susanne said...

The weather has been crazy around here too. We had a few really nice days and now we are back in a bitter cold deep freeze. I am so ready for spring. Maybe I'll get some nice spring colored decorations out too! You've inspired me.