Thursday, December 12, 2013

Great Expectation

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

December is a crazy-busy month full of a whirlwind of activities.  It drains me of energy and totally drains my pocketbook.

Yet, there is just something about December that makes me look forward to it whenever it rolls around again.

I think it is the air of expectation.  There is just a feeling  in December that anything could happen.

When I was a child, and still believed in Santa, I was all about trying to catch a glimpse of him more than worrying about what gift he would bring.

I remember in particular one Christmas Eve that I was convinced I had seen a red light glow up above the neighbor's rooftop and I was just sure that it was Rudolph guiding Santa's sleigh close to my house.  I had my little brother believing it as well. We could hardly settle down to go sleep.

Finally dawn broke and my brother jerked awake.  He went running down the stairs calling, "Hey it's Christmas everyone, hey! wake up, it's Christmas!"

Once everyone had straggled into the living room, we started a mad frenzy of ripping off the wrapping paper.  It DID seem there were more presents than usual that year and my brother and I always believed it was because Santa and Rudolph had come and added to the mounds of gifts under the tree.

Looking back, I'm sure it was because that was the first year my parents both had really good jobs and were able to afford to spend more on gifts.

Somehow, I've always retained the spirit of that little pajama-clad girl peering out the window searching for Santa.  I'm always believing something good can happen in December if I just look for it.

After all, December is the month we celebrate the  King of the Universe coming down to our level to give us the best gift we could imagine.  A gift that lasts forever and only gets better as time goes on.

A gift you could never outgrow ... The priceless gift of Himself.

Mama’s Losin’ It

This post was written in response to Writer's Workshop prompt 1.) Something you love about December.  If you'd like to read more responses, or join in, visit Kat's blog, Mama's Losin' It.


B Nickerson said...

Amen. Great post!

Mia De Vries said...

Hi Jerralea
We never believed in Santa when we were children, yet it was still a wonderful time for us as a family. We handed out the gifts under the Christmas tree on the evening of the 24th. I remember how we could not wait for my father to finish his Bible reading and prayer, and, of course, the singing of Christmas songs, so that we could hand out our gifts. One thing that I love about Christmas is buying gifts for my family. This year we will not be able to afford this pleasure, because we had two children in university this year. That costs VERY much!!
Blessings XX

Joyful Reader said...

As usual I enjoyed this Writers Workshop post! I love how you think back on your childhood and the wonder of a little child! And you always bring it fully back to Him! Jesus Christ! Thanks for a wonderful read!

Barbara said...

Such a sweet childhood memory. It is amazing the things that stay with us.

Cindy said...

I too spotted the same sleigh and Rudolf, I wonder if it was the same year but can't remember that. We always believed in Santa, it was the thing to do. I mean the radio announced when and where he was, our parents played the game, no one at school told us any different.

I remember though the year I found out he wasn't real. Everything from that day forward changed for me. I wished now that I hadn't shared that with my little brother, because he would of believed for a few more years. Thanks for the memory.