Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions have always been a big part of the holidays for my family.  I have always felt that traditions bind us together; and my kids must have thought so, too, because they always protested if anything was changed.

My concern has always been to emphasize the real meaning of the Christmas season and not the commercial aspects. So, I chose two ways to do this.

First, on Christmas morning, before any gift can be unwrapped, my husband reads aloud the Christmas story, usually using Luke 2 out of the bible.

Then, after Christmas dinner, but before desserts, we have a birthday cake for Jesus (usually a Texas Sheet Cake).  We write Happy Birthday on the cake and then put in one candle - after all, you can't put over 2,000 candles on top! - and then turn the lights off and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Usually all our girls blew the candle out together.

What sweet memories!  I can see our middle daughter, Janae, in my mind's eye blowing out the candle.  She always did that with great energy and pursed up "duck lips!"

As an empty-nester who is not yet a grandparent, Christmas traditions have become uncharted territory for me. I usually have at least two of my children who live close enough to come for Christmas dinner and to exchange gifts so some things can be continued.  I am looking forward to adding new traditions to make Christmas even more special.

This year, I'm starting a tradition of buying the same ornament to give my mom, each of my three girls and myself.  It will be just another little thing to share and tie us all together.

What is YOUR favorite Christmas tradition?

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Joyful Reader said...

Yes, my family is the same way about our small traditions. You think they aren't much but if you try to change anything they act like the world has been titled off its axis!
I love the ornament tradition you are starting! I think I will consider this one when mine have all flown the coop.
Merry Christmas Jerralea!

May said...

Moving to the empty nest's changing traditions brings about some growing pains. So far for us those changes are mainly time issues…sharing with boy friend's family, tweaking the amount of time everybody is home. Like your kids, mine are very particular in keeping the traditions of their childhood just as they remember. And their mom is fine with that!

Cindy said...

We have to stick to these traditions or the empty nesters will or can take it for granted the true meaning that is. I have a lot of the same values and that I will sit with everyone and ask questions to the young ones and have their parents do the answering, sort of they have to work for the meaning of Christmas then we enjoy. Blessings

mare ball said...

Love the cake for Jesus! One thing I started this year was giving our kids just 3 things, because that's the number of gifts Jesus got. I don't know why we ever thought they need more than that! Now that they're adults, I tell them one of their gifts is a HUG. :-)