Friday, November 15, 2013

Family Tree


I love trees.

A lot.

Perhaps, because there are no trees in my yard, I am always looking at trees and admiring their foliage.  I love flowering trees as well as tree that have brightly colored fall leaves dressing up their branches. I also love fluffy fir trees that keep green all year long

There is nothing quite like a tree.  And only God can make them.

But there is another kind of tree, a family tree.  It takes a lot of people to make a family tree.  Sometimes, some of the relatives brought into branch into a tree with our ancestors are kind of surprising.  Maybe we would have chosen them, maybe not.  But each relative adds something to the mix.

We have very little control on WHO becomes part of our family tree, but we have a lot of control on the characteristics we pass down to those on our branches.

Does everyone on your family tree react with honor?  Is integrity woven into the very being of your tree? Is your family known for being generous and helping others?  Does trustworthiness define your family?

It all starts with you.  If your tree has not been producing good fruit, get with the Master Gardener and ask Him to prune away all that dead stuff and feed you with the spiritual nutrients that will produce godly fruit.

Be patient, It takes time to grow a tree, and even longer to grow a fruitful tree.


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Andrew said...

Thanks for sharing :-)

It's true about the family tree. Indeed, we are all part too of an adopted family tree; the church :-) And for sure God prunes and cares for it until it is perfectly his image.

We just have to trust him :-)

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! I love trees too. We have an arboretum close by and I visit several times a year.

Your point is so good about the family tree. Passing down the faith and special traditions is so important. It gives a sense of unity.

And of course, getting rid of all that stuff we don't need is really key. And the spirit will help us with that.
Have a good weekend!

Joyful Reader said...

Great post Jerralea! I love reading your 5 minute writing posts! They are always so good!

Dianna said...

Ahhh...the family tree! It was just yesterday as I was visiting my mother that she had me looking up different things about her family heritage. I learned so many things that I did not know!

Having our grandchildren around us a good bit this summer brought to my realization anew and fresh just how the spiritual family tree is that I leave for them. They are always observing.

Mia De Vries said...

Dear Jerralea
I never thought of this when I read today's word! Brilliant idea. Yes, my friend, some of branches of our family trees are not very pretty. Not even our own branch before we allowed the Master Gardener to do the necessary pruning! Nothing beautiful escapes His masterful pruning shears as far as family trees go.
Blessings XX

Jazzmin said...

I enjoyed this interesting post, Jerralea!! I am so thankful for all the inspiring things you so beautifully write about and make me ponder as I read.

Blessings! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.