Friday, October 25, 2013

Golden Years


I have a vivid recollection of traveling in a car with my parents and brother and sister.  We had been on vacation touring some properties for sale in our home state.  Dad was contemplating moving back home away from his beloved Florida.

I don't know how it happened but somehow we began singing hymns in the dark as the car zoomed along the winding hilly road. I can't remember now which songs but I would guess it was "Victory in Jesus," and maybe a few lines from "In the Sweet Bye and Bye."

Dad sighed thoughtfully after the last song, "These are the golden years."

"The golden years?  What's that?"

He explained we might never again have a moment like that singing together as a family since we were growing up.  Soon we'd be leaving home and all that would be left were memories of our time together.

Dad was prophetic because soon after that I did, indeed, leave home to get married.  Of course, it wasn't the last time we'd be together, but it was the last time we traveled the highways singing in a car as the sun set behind the hills.

The point of my nostalgic story?  Cherish the times you have together with your family.  Faster than you can blink an eye, they will be over.


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Susanne said...

So, so true. I really noticed that once the first one left for school, it all just seemed to fly after that and those wonderful cherished memories were treasures.

Jazzmin said...

Beautiful reminder to cherish each moment with those we love!! I loved reading about your memories of that moment.

Blessings :)