Friday, October 25, 2013

F.F.F. 10.25.13

Here we are at the end of October ... it's the last Friday of the month already!

Since I've been posting my 31 Basics for Believers series, I've had little time to do my regular blogging.  I have to admit I'm glad the series is winding down, although I've had some wonderful feedback on the posts (especially on the topics forgiveness and spiritual warfare).  Makes it all worthwhile!

However, I must not neglect participating in the wonderful thankfulness exercise of Friday's Favorite Five.  F.F.F. helps you to pause and reflect on the good gifts God has been bringing your way.

I'm actually recalling the last couple weeks in this post because I don't want to miss a thing!

1.  Since I've been employed at my full-time church for almost 9 years now, I receive 3 weeks of vacation a year.  Finances being what they are, I have just been taking  weeks off during the fall months.  I took last week off and thoroughly enjoyed myself just staying home and doing what I want to do.  Of course, my to-do list did not even get half done, but I still feel good about things. 

2  I pared down my collection of blue and white ceramics by storing some pieces and focusing on my teapots.  My display looks so much better now.  Sometimes, less is more.

3.  I experimented with making a new fall soup, Pumpkin Chipotle Soup, from Edie's Lifeingrace blog.  It was killer and I'm making another batch this weekend.  (I just did not tell my picky family that pumpkin and chipotle was in the soup.  They thought it was good, but a little salty. I will rectify that with my next batch.  Score!)  I also made 3 batches of dumpling noodles and froze them for later.  I guess I'm in my hunter-gatherer mode.  Hunting down bargains in the store and gathering them up for my freezer!

4.  What's life without road trips?  I've been on two in the last couple weeks. 

Our first one was a little foray to Cave-In-Rock park in Illinois.  FYI even though the "slim-down" was going on, the park was still open as well as the ferry across the Ohio river. It was a great day out, spelunking and ferrying.  We ended up in Paducah, KY, and ate fish.  It was a very enjoyable day, made better by the knowledge that everyone else was working but I had the day off!

The round pit in this picture is the top of the cave.  You can look down into it and see the bottom.

Steps down to the river and to the cave

 Inside the cave


 From the bottom of the cave looking out.

 The Ohio River from the highest point at Cave-In-Rock State Park.

The ferry that takes you across the Ohio - for free!

The next week, we went up to Little Grassy Lake to visit our camping friends, Wayne and Glenda.  We talked around a campfire, roasted hot dogs and made s'mores, ending the evening with some awesome shots of a full moon over the water.

5.  Quote of the weeks (LOL)

"My choices change a family tree."
… Jen Schmidt, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, GenerationalMothering
Just as we impress upon our children to make good choices, it's important as parents to realize that we, too, must choose wisely!

Bonus:  It's been cool enough to get out my cute fall jackets, sweaters and scarves.  Yay!

And so ends October on the Journey.  How was your week?  Please share in the comments or link up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.


Susanne said...

Love the pics of the cave. I have to say that is one thing I've never done, is explore caves.

It feels good to have a week off and just putz around catching up and doing what one feels like doing.

Joyful Reader said...

Very cool cave! my family would love that. I would like to "sneak in" the pumpkin soup! LOL! that would be funny. My family is picky too.

Yes, sweaters and scarves, jackets, fall has definitely shown up.

Willow said...

The cave adventure sounds fun although I'm not one to voluntarily go into a dark, small place :) And yes, your trips are great memory makers.
Even here in our warmer climate, I've pulled out sweaters and scarves. I do love autumn.
A whole week of just doing what you want at home? Heavenly!