Friday, September 6, 2013

Red is the Color of Redemption


When I think of red, I think of blood.  Fresh blood is bright red.  It's bright red because it has oxygen in it.  Bright red blood is life giving.  If you need a transfusion of it, I would imagine you'd be glad to see a bag of bright red blood hooked up to your IV.

Blood that has been exposed to air becomes rusty red.  And it stinks.

Blood is very important to the child of God.  It's almost incomprehensible, but the bright red blood of Jesus applied to our dirty sin-sick souls washes us clean.  Our soul can be as white as wool when the blood of Jesus has been applied.

The day that Jesus shed His blood for you and me, his blood had been beaten out of Him.  Struck mercilessly at the whipping post, His blood dripped down His body turning rusty red and smelly.  The awful weight of sin placed on His back was not pretty.  It was ugly and stinky, putrid and vile.

And God accepted that sacrifice, making that blood beautiful in our eyes.  

We used to sing about the blood in our churches.  "There's Power in the Blood," "Are You Washed in the Blood," and "Oh, The Blood of Jesus."

Today's culture doesn't seem to want to talk about the need for the blood to have been shed, but God's word says plainly that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins.

Without that precious red blood, redemption would not have been possible.

Then we would have been colored in shades of gray and darkest blue - the colors of despair and no hope.

Instead, we can sing, "The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power."



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Aileen A said...

Thinking about how He suffered brings tears to my eyes. Such sacrifice... Just so overwhelming. And you are right, he covered us with His precious blood.

Dianna said...

Isn't it so sad to think that people in our present day culture want to shun any mention of the blood of Jesus...our redemption...because they don't want to offend someone?

A beautifully written post, Jerralea.

Joyful Reader said...

There is a common feeling today that you can't talk about such things in Church. It is violent and scary for children. How sad as Dianna said. The Blood that Christ shed was what made our REDEMPTION possible. Great writing today Jerralea! Thank you!