Thursday, August 15, 2013

10 Things

I've always been an upbeat person.  Constantly one to look for the silver lining, and the glass is always half full to me.  When I saw that Kathy's Writer's Workshop prompt this week was 1.) 10 Things to Smile About (inspired by Things I Can't Say), I knew this was something I could do.

Plus it indulges my love of listing.

1. School started today.  Now, I am an empty nester but the start of school still makes me smile.  I love this time of year.  Fall is near.  I adore new beginnings and have often felt that New Year's should start right after Labor Day.  I think everyone does better on a schedule, and I remember when my kids lived at home I was excited for school to start so they would have plenty to occupy their time. Ahhh!  There's just something about the smell of chalkdust and new pencils ...

2. New roses on my rose bushes.  Just the sight of a cheery flower makes me smile.

3.  Fridays make me smile.  Especially casual dress Fridays.  Wearing jeans makes me feel good.

4.  Every once in awhile, my hubby surprises me and drops by the office with a sweet tea from McDonald's.  I will grin great big when that happens!

5.  When I finish organizing and decluttering an area, it makes me smile.  In fact, I will go back several times and just stare at all the beauty of an organized area and congratulate myself on a job well done.  

6.  A comment made by a reader that gets me will make me smile the rest of the day.

7.  A great bargain makes me smile.  I know I already shared this week about my $2 birdhouse bench, but come on!  Only $2!  And cute!

8.  Hearing I love you from my hubby or my kids will light up my face anytime!

9.  Seeing the scale move downward makes me smile a huge smile.  ( I need to see this again ... )

10. Last, but not least, a good road trip makes me smile all day.  I love getting out there and seeing all the wonderful things God has made.

One of my fave photos of all time - taken at Rend Lake, IL
What makes YOU smile?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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B Nickerson said...

Nice happy list.
Flowers in my garden get a smile of satisfaction out of me always.
Getting to me Black Swallowtails come out of pupas and dry their wings gave me lots of smiles this past weekend.

Jazzmin said...

I LOVE this post!! Your positivity and appreciation for all the beauties in life is so upbuilding and wonderful :)

The photos of you and your husband is so sweet! And I related to so many things you said. I do the same thing when I organize an area... it's just so fulfilling. And road trips are such a blessing. I'm so thankful God created us with that need to travel and see new places, and road trips are so much fun and such quality time.

Blessings to you!
Have a wonderful weekend to come :)

SouthMainMuse said...

Road trips, scales going down and kisses from someone we love. Those are definite grins -- ear to ear.